If you are into Youtube as either a creator or a viewer, we all know that a good intro and outro can make a channel. While this is true not everyone has the know how when they are getting started to make a good one and more likely they don’t have the time to create a high quality one when they are bigger.

Enter RenderForest.com an amazing little site that allows you to use their video and sound templates to create high quality, creative video productions. These are not just designed for small intro and outro videos but also company presentations and even commercials. With an abundance of templates and built in features you can create gold without a ton of experience.


Essentially you will get a template of your choice and move into replacing RenderForest’s default settings with your custom graphics to make it more you. These high quality conversions are so simple to use, if you Facebook, you can upload. Enjoy and intuitive walk through system where you are guides step by step to create you beautiful video.


In addition to allowing you to add your own sound or music effects, RenderForest also supplies you with built in sounds and music that are up to date and amazing. Their sound list can be used for short or long videos and they have a song for every occasion. I chose to upload my own but simply because I already knew what I wanted. I did surf their playlist and found a few I might use in the future.


I’m going to give this site a 10/10 for quality and availability and with the cost of the services being a per video bases and starting at only $10.00, there is no reason not to try this product and get your amazing video today! Pick it up at RenderForest.com