On this day, June 23, in 1996 the N64 was born. Released in Japan 6/23/96 the N64 was the next level from the SNES system. Later released in America on September 26, 1996 this became the new staple in gaming. This console changed the way gaming was played, with 3D characters and a full 4 directional movement in a 3D plain we were starting n the direction of the new gaming revolution.

Locational Launch Titles

Japanese launch: June 23, 1996

U.S. launch: September 29, 1996

European launch: March 1, 1997


At time of launch the console had to face off against it’s own cousin Sony’s PlayStation. Which had originally been designed by the partnership of Sony and Nintendo, Nintendo decided to let the project go and Sony released it as a competitor.

The N64 soon released a ton of memorable titles, including; 007 : Golden Eye, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. These games forever changed gaming and the people who played them. While not technically the best console at the time or the most powerful today, this was the beginning of the next generation of consoles and gaming.