Overwatch has become a staple in triple a online games. With it’s competitive play and multitude of different characters. Including multiple races and backgrounds. However, Overwatch carries a different known value, it’s character models.

We all remember the issue with Tracer a few months ago, where her “sexy” pose caused issues with multiple groups. Well now Overwatch is having an issue with another character, Symmetra.

The character has a skin called “Devi” named and based on a Hindu goddess. However, a Hindu statesman and spokes person is arguing that the outfit does not fit the goddess from the scriptures and is asking Blizzard to remove it.




Rajan Zed argues that it is against the goddess to be controlled by a player, as those of faith put their lives in her hands, not the other way around.

However, in this case you are not controller Devi herself but a character who is wearing a costume that represents her religion. This depiction in of itself throws his case out the window. I’m sure that Blizzard will do their best to abide by their moral code to meet these people half way.

This is not this mans first crusade, Rajan Zed also championed the Hindu faith’s depiction in video games by asking developer Hi-Rez Studios to remove Hindu deities from its multiplayer online battle arena game, Smite. That game now boasts seven characters from the pantheon.

Zed stated that Blizzard Entertainment needed to follow its own “core values” which included “lead responsibly” (As one of the world’s leading game companies, we’re committed to making ethical decisions), as in this case it was creating confusion in the minds of community about Devi by misrepresentation.

My follow up to this statement is that the people who play Overwatch or Smite, are not likely to make any connection to the character aside from the fact that its a religion that exists. To count on video games to represent your religion in anyway other than just spreading the word that it exists, is simple minded at best.

But thats just my oppinion, what do you guys think? Let us know in the discussion below.