With the announcement of Watch_Dogs 2’s main character Marcus, a young black man from Oakland who became a hacking superstar because of a crime prediction algorithm.

Within hours of the official announcement with more than 1 million views on their youtube video, people began working out the tech and story of the game to set their minds before E3.  However, over on Steam, the forums were much less analytical and much more “emotional” about a subject that shouldn’t be an issue at all, the main characters race.

In the now-closed thread titled “Shoehorned black character why can’t we be Aiden?” hundreds of disgruntled fans vented their frustrations about how “implausible” it would be for a black person to live in San Francisco.  “Look at the demographics of San Fran it would be more plausible if I played as a homo or an asian than some random black dude,” user MentholFox complained. “Considering they make up 6% of the population in SanFran fam.”

So apparently assuming that 6% of the population is black, it’s impossible for 1 of them to be an intelligent hacker? Why do statistics mater in this case, considering the number is above 0, even if there was literally on 1 black male who lived in San Fran, its enough to consider he could be Marcus.

The population of San Francisco is 805,235 people, that estimates that the population of people that are black would 48,870 even if we divided that in half for male/female ratio that’s 24,435 lets bring that down again to 1/4 for age ranges of child to senior that 12,217 black men that would fall into a range that Marcus can fit in, so there are more than enough black males to consider a protagonist for this game.

“Sooooooo why is it that black people don’t care what character they’re playing, as long as the game is good and white people makes it seems like it the end of the world if the character is black,” user bigd, a black gamer, posted. “All this talk about gang bangers, don’t know how to use technology, thugs, and we are the problem.”

Aiden Pearce was a cookie cutter, punisher type vigilante that we all expect a hacktivist to be. Nothing more than a ball of rage with a chip on his shoulder and a hard-on for capturing bad guys. Marcus is a wrongly accused victim of a system that we all fear is just around the corner. In this time of #blacklivesmatter and police brutality against Africans on the rise, it makes sense for this Oakland native (shockingly just across the bridge, weird he made it that far) to want to take the fight to them.