So I am a gamer. I am a mom. I like to mix the two. I find great fun in playing video games with my kids. What games do we play? Well for me the more fun option would be to play games that I like. What kind of games do I like? I like games where I can rip a man’s arms off his body and see little bits of flesh and blood fly everywhere. While listening to his agonizing screams as I do it. Then go bang those hot girls I saw awhile ago. Go off to find the next quest, OH I have to kill a whole bunch of people in an airport just murder them like cattle sounds good. After that I am going to go see my drug dealer, blow up a police station and kill a hooker for her money. For most of you reading this you would think I was the world worst mother if I allowed to let my kids take part in anything so violent. (I will assure you now I don’t let them play games like this, hence this article).


Unfortunately, There are parents that let their kids partake in games like this. I have already talked about the parents that don’t educate themselves on what the are buying their kids. I am on to a whole new set of parents now. Gamer parents,  dum dum dum!… I know I am going to get attacked for this but we have some irresponsible gamer parents out there and they are hurting our community just as mush as the uneducated parents. They at least kind of have an excuse, and it’s that they don’t know better. But gamer parents, you do. You know exactly what kinds of games you are letting your kids play. You let your kids play games meant for adults just because you don’t want to play kiddie games because you are a real gamer. Suck it up, Buttercup, you are a parent now. Hey, I don’t always want to sit down a play Mario with my boys but I do because I am responsible. Your 4-year-old daughter should not be a better sniper than you are. Your 7-year-old should not know by memory how to do every fatality kill in Mortal Kombat. Why you may ask because they shouldn’t be playing these games. With your kids playing a game not appropriate for their age, they have a friend that comes over and plays this kind of game with them. Then they skip on home to their parents. Parents that don’t really know much about the gaming world and their kid begs them for games they shouldn’t be playing. Parents go out and buy them because they have no idea what they are buying. Then you haver another kid playing a game they shouldn’t. Then when that kid does something stupid – BAM video companies are to blame. Then we are back to square one with how video games are the problem with kids today.


I am by no means saying all gaming parents are like this. I have friends on both sides. I have friends like me that their kids play games in their age range and the parents play their games on their own time. Their kids have a  Nintendo system or they have a stockpile of kid-appropriate games like the Lego games or Skylanders.  I also actually know parents that have a toddler that can play COD just as well as any adult I know. She also has the mouth of every COD player I know.  I do have a friend that his 7-year-old does know every fatality on the newest Mortal Kombat. That is just crazy to me because I am a full grown adult and squirm at some of those kills. I know they’re your kids and you can mess your kids up in your own special way. All I am saying is that think about other people kids. Ask parents of kids your kids hang out with some questions. Hey is your kid allowed to play video games? What kind of video games are they allowed to play? These are simply things you can do to help decrease the cycle of constant blame being put on the companies we love so much. Buy a couple of kid-appropriate games to have in the house and tell your kids you play these when your friends are over. Whatever you got to do to keep our belove pass time free and awesome as it should be.

P.S. This article is a little harsher than the last because you all should know better.


The Writer