Pokemon Go hasn’t even been out for two weeks yet and it has already become the top downloaded app on the Google Play store with over 10 million downloads. This real-world adventure has taken the nation by storm. It has created countless funny memes, a battle over the who controls the White house, and battling between teams. Even with its issues like the servers crashing and not being able to log in, as well as the game freezing when you are trying to catch Pokemon. Despite all that, this game is loved by millions across the world. The biggest thing about this game is all the good that it is doing.


People are actually going out

I have seen many posts and group events for meet-ups at different places around my town. People are getting together to hunt Pokemon. In the process, they are meeting new people, exploring their neighborhoods, getting out of the house and getting outside. Which is good for your mental and physical health. It is becoming a family activity for a lot of families as well. Also, many businesses are taking notes and having discounts for having the Pokemon Go and showing them the Pokemon you catch. They are dropping lures to bring in customers and in turn, people are finding a new hangout place and small businesses are getting more traffic. People are sharing tips when they meet and helping out younger trainers. Also, this app has got people talking to each other. I have always been one to say hi to someone on the streets but I don’t always get a hi back. This game though removes the awkward of today’s society. If you see someone walking around and they keep looking at their phone chances are that they are playing Pokemon Go.  BAM!! You already have something in common with that person and it makes it much easier to approach them and start a conversation.


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It is helping people with challenges

I have seen many stories all over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media that this game in helping people that face challenges. People with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, SPD, Autism and many other challenges. This game is helping them conquer those challenges. It is giving them something to look forward to in their day. This game is inspiring them to get up out of bed. For them to actually get out of the house. It is inspiring them to interact with other people. It is especially helping children with these challenges. It is teaching them the world is not so scary or bad. That they can talk to people. I will not lie but I cry every time I see these stories because as a mom I know many moms that are helping their kids fight through these challenges and every little thing helps.




People want to do good while out hunting

I have seen countless stories and suggestions to do some good work while out Pokemon-hunting. People are taking this to heart. People are setting up neighborhood and park clean-ups while hunting. People have saved a lot of real-life animals while out there looking our favorite pocket monsters. People are suggesting that you take lures to children hospitals so the kids that can’t leave have a better chance of catching Pokemon. Adults are keeping watch at Poke Stops so that younger trainers can hunt in peace. They are making sure they clean up after themselves or to leave places cleaner than they were when they got there.













All in all this game is doing a lot of good. There are a lot of haters out there but haters are going to hate. Just get out there. Go catch them all. BE safe and aware of your surroundings. Think about other when out hunting. Let’s show the world that gamers are good people. Let prove the stereotypes wrong. Good luck fellow Trainers.




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