I have begun to wonder what is it about the Pokémon games that keeps them in business? If you truly think about it, it’s the same game everytime but with different Pokemon with a brand new area. When Pokemon first came out, I had both the Red and Blue versions of the Gameboy games mainly due to the fact that half the Pokémon were on one set game and the rest were on the other. Adding in the television show and cards, I could not stop wanting everything and anything that was Pokemon.pokemon_sun_moon.0.0

Now as an adult, I find the new games somewhat interesting and want to purchase them, but when I do, all I can do is think what is this Pokemon? How did a candle become a Pokemon? Of course I just let it roll but yet another two games are preparing to come out by the end of the year ( Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon) and I can’t bring myself to buy them. Maybe for my son since he is now a hardcore Pokemon fan. Yet, when I will have to help him, will I get irritated and frustrated at the badges and extremely slow grinding to get to the elite four as all the other ones? Or maybe they switched the formula up to where it will not matter? Either way, it just bothers me that it is truly the same formula with nothing truly added except graphics and minor adjustments that aren’t truly noticed unless you have played every single game.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon franchise these days? Do you like the formula they have stuck with for so long, or do you wish for a change in direction?