In today’s time and age, I know as a parent that I watch everything my kids do. From what websites they are on, to the apps on their tablet, to the shows that they watch. Most parents agree that our kids need a watchful eye when it comes to the vast world of thing they can get there hand on in this day and age. So please explain to me with most parents trying to keep thing that are not appropriate out of children’s hands, why oh why, are kids getting game OUT OF THEIR AGE RANGE.


I remember being a kid and I would ask my dad if i could have something or do something all my friends where doing and he would say ” If your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it too ” . As a kid this line use to piss me off but as I got older it made more and more sense. Now being an adult and having kids of my own i find myself saying it to my own children. Let me tell you a story. I was in Game Stop with my husband looking for a new game for us to play and a mom walks in. It is obvious she is uncomfortable being in there and she is not into the whole video game world. She goes straight to the counter and ask the store clerk can I please get GRAND THIEF AUTO 5. This catches our attention. the guy at the counter ask for what system. she tells him and he grabs it. As i was going to talk to her the store clerk goes “how old id your son” her response ” NINE “. Nine years old… she was buying the most graphic GTA to date for a 9 year. My mind was blown. The store clerks jaw dropped. he then composed himself and proceeded to explain to her why she should not be buying this game for her son and she said “But all his friends have it and I don’t want him to be made fun of for not having it”. I had to leave the store i was so sick to my stomach. Are you kidding me. This woman is why a industry I love is constantly under fire.

Just like movies games have RATING. Parents are refusing to follow these rating and exposing children to game that have content for grown adults. Young children are being exposed to graphic and violent situations which most of them are not ready to be exposed to and can’t handle. Worst some of these children are still in that stage of development where they have a hard time telling reality from fantasy. their maturity level is not where it should be to know that these are simulated situations. They dont understand the consequence of their actions when in the game world they can shoot someone and they just respond. with video becoming more and more realistic the line of what is real and what is fantasy becomes more blurred.


This is not video games companies fault. They rate their games appropriately. They follow the rules. They are a growing and innovated company like any other company. They have to grow to keep their industry new and fresh. They are wrongfully being blamed for CHILDREN imitating behavior in game that where never meant for them. The games where meant for ADULTS. Parents are not researching games because it is not their thing. Then when bad things go down and someone gets hurt or worse everyone want to blame the games companies that made the games the kid was playing instead of the parents that let them play those game in the first place.

My kids are 7 and 3 the highest rating games they play is E10+. They don’t need to go any higher anytime soon. The world is dark and violent and bad enough as it is. They dont need to have that shoved into their face any early then it needs to be. Parents…. please …please… I ask you to please research the games your kids want to play. Be proactive in what your kids are playing. Research the games dont just go off what they say. When they go to friends house make it clear you dont want them play game higher then this rating. Look at the rating and ask the store clerks questions they usually have answers. There is a website and an app you can download on your phone to check out why a game is rated the way it is. The website is Please keep your kids safe and help keep the gaming community strong. Think and research before you buy.