I know a lot people are playing quite a bit of online PvP. Destiny, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Overwatch, etc. Normally you get a few matches in you, and you either suck or you’re doing so well you will eventually lose or what not, but what if you didn’t except for a lack of team. What if you carry the team? That’s what I am referring to, and this article is all about the anger within online gaming.

I read the article the other day about a young Korean girl-beating people so bad with a character no one uses that two professional players called her a cheater and threatened to quit. She livestreamed her gameplay and in return was apologized to for the remarks and the two quit. Why can’t people just not believe there is someone better than you at times?

My boy Rockstar is a beast at Call of Duty. Dropping nukes all the time and when I party up with him it’s message after message about how he cheats or sucks. It doesn’t make sense why people just can’t say “good job, you beat me”. I sometimes do well at Call of Duty and yesterday my team (which won by the way) was told that we suck. In my head I was like “you guys lost, you suck” but in reality I just sat there shaking my head. They were good. Sniping me hardcore and all but no one wants to just lose anymore without getting angry.

Hopefully soon, the hate on PvP will eventually simmer down or someone will tell them to get better and practice. That’s all I do and that’s all I say to myself against my friends who are way better than me.