This evening I realized something, how much has changed in my 28 years of life. I remember when I was a young lad, able to run down to my local Walmart just to purchase a NES game for a somewhat decent price. Of course as the consoles were coming out more and more, those beautiful grey and gold cartridges disappeared from the shelves. Now saying this, our local flea market had a gentleman that had over 100 cartridges of NES games. You can truly say a paradise for young children.  I remember seeing the golden cartridge for The Legend of Zelda, or the classic Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt.

The games I wanted from him were beyond what Santa could bring. After a fire broke out, he lost it all and never came back. Now after a few years of evolution in technology and garage sales, you can find these beautiful things but at quite the hefty price. Buying them online will usually cost a fortune and never a fair price and those garage sales are too few and rarely what you truly want. It’s quite pitiful how we let the original game systems that had revolutionized for what we have today be slowly forgotten and corrupted by greed. I love my NES and plan to let my son play it (once I get the correct cables for the modern television) hopefully he will come to appreciate what was a huge leap in video game history.