This game was the cause to a lot of controversy before it’s release to the public. I don’t know if any of you awesome people watch shows that go over history or what not, but this was definitely one of those points in history and I actually watched it. Now before the craziness of ESRB  (the little tag in bottom that says E,T,M), games weren’t really sought as needing categories or ratings. Yet, when this beautiful work of art came to stage, immediately it became necessary and also received the Mature rating. You can fact check me, but my memory is still decent about video games and not people’s names.

Mortal_Kombat_II_arcade_cabinetThis game was high in demand at arcades and the lines would not die down. I would just watch for hours as others would challenge each other to a game. Some know some of the fatalities or any of the other ones that were a secret when first out. The blood that squinted from every punch to the automatic death if punched into spikes, this game literally took the world by storm and opened up a door to a really big franchise. Lu Kang with the bicycle kick and his crazy scream to Raiden’s flying rush attack, all of the Mortal Kombat characters have their own special unique ways of playing.  Let’s not forget the spamming of Scorpion’s “get over here” to Subzero’s freezing of the entire floor.  Of course it wasn’t much of a story either, just fight a tower, get to the top to win. In between the fights you would get to test your might in a mini game. Those were fun, about as much fun as destroying the vehicle in Street Fighter.

To think how one small arcade game did what it did back in the 90’s, and to today realizing that M rating is completely necessary because fans want more blood and gore with the fatalities.