Before I start this, I want everyone to know that I have played the first and second Grand Theft Auto games. Yes, the bird-eye view camera and god-awful graphics with horrible ways of doing missions, but yet they were extremely fun and I miss playing them. Now that being said, all of the GTA games that have come out after those two are just a simple repeat with better graphics and story telling and better weapons and more killing people.

A lot of the fans will not admit it, even an old roommate I had while I was on deployment could not admit it, but if you really look, you’ll see how each game slowly becomes a different version, but essentially the same game. Mind you it’s the same version of ‘kill this guy, take this vehicle over here to go there’. I’ve seen all of the GTA games up until now and never found any fascination to them. Especially now with kids wanting the game and parents buying it without their knowledge of strip clubs and having sex with hookers in vehicles, and you know, murderous death. Which nowadays is what many people think of GTA, the bad game parents buy their kids.

The graphics are amazing to say the least, and the things you can do in GTA V are also superb, but I just want to see this series end and Rockstar focus on a better idea for a game besides shooting people, racing around just to get blown up, or eventually having those sex scenes show more. We need something new.