I’ve been pouring over the content about Final Fantasy XV. I’ve seen game-play footage, explanations of mechanics, the YouTube series “Brotherhood”, and all kinds of reviews about the first 15 hours of play. It’s very exciting, and I’m not just saying that because it’s a new shiny game. I think Square Enix has a winner here. This is not so much based on what I’ve learned about the game itself. I think Square Enix also has the right attitude about it.

Let me tell you what I mean by that statement. Once upon a time, I was browsing the game store for a game to buy with my favorite lady friend. I liked the idea of getting a game and diving into it with no past knowledge of it so I could get the full experience. I saw Final Fantasy 13 and I remember saying that going with a Final Fantasy game was a safe bet. Now, I’m not going to go into a rant bashing FFXIII. Eventually I lost interest in that game. I still go back to many of the older Final Fantasy games and enjoy them. So what could be missing from this one?

A year later it hit me. While being asked about the possibility of a Final Fantasy VII remake, a representative of Square Enix (I don’t remember the particulars of this quote, sorry) said that a Final Fantasy VII remake could not happen because it would be impossible to make it with the same level of quality of Final Fantasy XIII. This was when Square Enix was in a box. They were closed in. Limited.
Today, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is happening, and Final Fantasy XV is not confined to restrictions. It has it’s own movie, it’s own arcade game, and a YouTube series. They have made a universe for Final Fantasy XV that is bigger than the game itself, so they built some of this universe outside the game. This is the kind of thinking I think that was needed to make a game well.

Final Fantasy XV is available November 29th. It has potential.

(Oh yeah, and the limited edition deluxe box set looks SWEEEET…)