Yesterday I read two different things, both rather irritating, yet satisfying. First was Naughty Dog accidentally leaked something about The Last of Us 2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I truly feel like no one accidentally leaks any information or game. I know I wouldn’t take to Facebook or Twitter if I was making a game and say ‘oops, well that was an accident’. That’s stupid. You know they said something to someone to remind people that they are there and making another beautifully amazing game to their franchise’s name. Especially if it’s The Last of Us 2, or anything really big at this moment.

Second thing. The over-hype on video games need to freaking stop. No Man’s Sky was said to be the most anticipated game of this year and all I have read was that all the people who have played that game demand their money back, or keeping it and hoping for something better to appear down the road. That game never looked interesting to me anyway but I did watch Angry Joe do a review on it and it just looked stupid in my opinion. It’s pretty much Minecraft with better graphics and it takes space.

Gaming companies and even people or my friends need to stop being excited for games. This year has been somewhat quite disappointing of a year in the gaming industry. Yes, E3 did show amazing games but we have also seen what happens if you think E3 and then finally purchase *cough, cough* watchdogs *Cough, cough* . I feel gaming companies need to get back to the basics and stop pushing everything out and then fix it with multiple updates. How hard is it to finish a game? Everything is so rushed now, and that’s why we keep facing disappointment with our games. I personally won’t waste money to keep re-downloading a game every time they fix it.

What has been getting under your skin in the world of gaming recently?