So I thought I was doing well in Bloodborne. Killing the cleric beast and running around murdering everything in sight, up until I met with the father. Now that guy took me awhile to beat by myself. Needing to level up as much as possible before having what seemed the perfect health bar to not die from his unholy transformation.

So here I am gloating to my buddy at work feeling awesome just up till about twenty minutes ago. Reaching a more sinister side of what seems like a castle filled with mini-wolves and what seemed like the ring wraiths from Lord of the rings, I hustle through killing all of them up until I found a new unholy boss battle. Now I have heard of a man beating this game without leveling up, I applaud him greatly.

This boss was beyond a menace to my entire life. At first an easy kill, since you can call on aid through the game from someone you meet wandering around the area (which is a lot bigger in Bloodborne than I have personally thought). So here we are, tag-teaming this wolf, and then KABLOOM!!! This dude halfway through his health decides it’s now more ferocious then Lindsay Lohan after a night out binge-drinking. Spewing poison, lunging with more ferocity and the unbelievable amount of swinging it does before it finally calms the hell down.

The helped by sort of sacrificing myself and attempted to kill the beast. After attempt number four I finally sort of gave up on trying to figure out a pattern and just started swinging as much as I possibly could.  Slaying the beast while I’m shaking violently and trying to heal and using antidotes like it’s rare candy just to live.

This game is insane…