So far this game isn’t what I thought it was or what I think it will eventually be by the time I get to the end. I’ve been wanting a good Digimon game for awhile and of course I saw this. The first fifteen to thirty minutes is a complete story up to getting your very own Digimon. You can choose Terriermon, Hagurumon and Palmon. I went with Palmon due to wanting all the Digimon from the original Digi-destined crew. Of course, I am referencing the amazing first season of Digimonif you didn’t know already. You continue the game by doing cases and figuring what happened to your body.

During the introduction in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, a stranger invites your character and friends to a place that only hackers go. After a period of walking around and then getting your Digimon, you fight this creature that isn’t a Digimon, who can’t be beaten and you get hit by it as you leave the world. You’re now just a composited bunch of data while you fight on the Internet highway to solve your case and many more. I truly think it’s a rip off of Summer Wars the anime. Anywho, so far no Digital World just the Internet highway and back alleys. Extremely boring and not worth the effort.