With the rise of social media and YouTubers being the most popular video engaging area of time as of this moment, Bethesda released no more early access on their games.

What does this mean to most gamers? Perhaps the ability to purchase the game without having anything spoiled for them. Nowadays with the preview of a game, we know immediately if we want to purchase it after watching one of your favorite YouTubers sharing the content that got early access. Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Watch_Dogs, Far Cry Primal, and more. These snippets of gameplay either raise value in interest or just push the crowd away from buying the game completely.

Myself personally, I don’t really mind not knowing what the game will be or how it looks till launch day mainly due to that’s how it’s always been for me since I was young, before Internet took everything over. Seeing television commercials and being filled with excitement as you already planned to purchase the game is more my style.

Bad side to this decision is the possibility of purchasing a horrible and worthless game that you won’t be able to get your full refund back. Watch_Dogs and Batman: Arkham Knight being two of the biggest flops in gaming history of today. Yes, it was mainly PC versions of the game, but it still doesn’t justify anything.

I feel we the gamers  have a right to see what we will be purchasing at least to some degree, leaving out spoilers and whatnot. But on the flip side, the gaming company also has the right to keep their game a secret for as long as they want and give that surprise that gamers were once used to.