Okay, so first off, I’m a huge Resident Evil fan. After Resident Evil 6 I was already ready for 7 to release. What I was hoping for was something awesome branching from 6, like maybe giving Jake his own game… but what was revealed was WAY off from anything I had imagined. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was unveiled at this year’s past E3, and showed off a whole new imagining of the Resident Evil series. The biggest change being that the game is in first-person view. From the trailer they showed, it seemed to me to be rather obvious that Capcom may have taken a page from the playbook that was Konami’s cancelled project P.T., which was to be a revamping of the Silent Hill series. Right from there, I was skeptical, I’m not going to lie… Shortly thereafter, I downloaded Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Beginning Hour. This was directly after E3, people… and I just now played the demo today (late to the party, I know).

In all honesty, I almost forgot this demo was sitting in my hard drive on my PS4, until I read up on some news today that Capcom would be updating the demo later on today. Capcom even released a new trailer to hepl usher in the demo’s update I jumped on my PS4 as quickly as I could in hopes that the update hadn’t happened yet so that I could play the demo in it’s original glory, which I did. As I write this, I’m still waiting for my demo update, but until then, I’m going to share with you my experiences with the Beginning Hour demo – pre-update, so to speak.

You wake up in this eerie farmhouse that you come to find out in the Baker House, which has been abandoned as the family ‘mysteriously’ disappeared. The graphics are pretty impressive, and make you feel like you really are in the game. I toddled around for a bit, finding things to interact with and whatnot. There’s a TV in the original room with a VCR. I meandered a bit throughout the house and noticed a lot of gross-ness, mold, rotten food, possible entrails, a split-in-half carcass of what looks like a cow (there’s no head, so it’s hard to tell). After some digging around and some chain-breaking, I find a VHS tape. So of course I take it back to my starter room to watch it. I assumed I was going to watch a video, but instead, I was IN the video, as the camera man to what seemed to be a show that was fashioned after the likes of Ghost Adventures…

I follow my two comrades, camcorder in hand, and they talk about how this is the Baker House, and it belongs/belonged to Jack and Marguarite Baker. There is also mention of their son Lucas, who was known as the ‘bad seed’ of the family. In the new trailer released for the game, we get a better glimpse at the family, and it gives off a very “The-Hills-Have-Eyes-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre” type of vibe to it… Not very “Resident Evil” at all really. Like, watching the trailer and playing the demo, I don’t feel like this is a Resident Evil game… I really don’t. And I don’t know if I like that or not…


By taking part in the video, I learn of a new hidden crawlspace that houses the key that I need to make my escape out of the back door… As I make my way to my destination, I learn that there is someone in the house with me (Jack Baker, I think). I haul my butt to the backdoor, only to unlock it and be grabbed from behind and have my lights knocked out… ans the demo ends, with Jack telling me “Welcome to the family, son!”. Apparently, after looking around online, there was A LOT that i missed in the demo, so the demo has a lot more to offer up other than just what I saw. So if you play, be super observant, because there are things I certainly missed, even a photo that is said to connect this game to the RE universe… Which is EXACTLY what I want to know… Where does this game fit in in the Resident Evil lore? …Because I am lost, Capcom… LOST, I SAY!

–Waiting for demo update–

Okay, so demo was updated to Twilight Version, and I played it… One main thing I noticed right off the bat was the door you see to your right as you leave the room you wake up in. The door is *still* locked, but is now framed with grotesque black mold, and you are now aware that there is something alive on the other side of this door (Now, maybe that was apparent in the original demo, but I didn’t notice?). Another thing noted, and this was something I forgot to mention during my first demo playthrough, during the time you are on the VHS tape recording, you randomly see a ghost girl pop up. Once on the staircase, and another time in a doorway. On the Twilight Version of the demo, she does not exist. I specifically looked for her because I wanted to get a better look at her.

Also, this time around, I found that infernal fuse that you need to supply power to the upstairs portion of the house. I also noticed that while up there, the manniquins turn to look at you when you turn you back, as well as one appearing at the top of the stairs. Anyways, I pressed a button that dropped down another set of stairs, taking me further into the house’s attic. You find a photo of a helicopter donning an Umbrella Corp. symbol, and on the back of that photo it reads: “Are they watching us from that helicopter?” This I assume is the big piece of evidence that everyone is talking about in the game that links this game to the others… Ties to the Umbrella Corps.

I find another room, a bedroom, with something scribbled on the wall in what looks like blood: “5 guests murdered, but where is unknown. Nothing to point to their final gravestones.” Shortly after, I hear a phone ringing, there was one next to the helicopter photo. I answer, and a lady’s voice on the other end asking if I’ve found what I was looking for… I in turn ask her who the f*** she is, and all she says is something along the lines of all doors can be opened, if not, there wouldn’t be any doors… but that some need to be closed for now. Then I’m turned around, and see Jack, as he punches me in the face and again says “Welcome to the family, son!”. Then the screen goes black, and lettering pops up that reads, “The end of the path is near”.

Okay, so this leads me to wondering if the demo will be updated again, adding more to the demo and answering some unanswered questions. The game doesn’t release until January 24, 2017, so it’s really possible. Capcom did say that the demo would not appear in the game, as it is its own standalone game teaser. I don’t know about the rest of y’all out there, but I’m still not feeling that ‘Resident Evil’ vibe… I’m still waiting.

What are your thoughts one the demo? Sound off in the comments below!