Can we start this off with HOLY SHIT! Ubi hit the ground running with Ghost Recon Wildlands. I can’t describe this game, so lets show you some of it.

After that we moved on to South Park The Fractured but Whole. Their own spin on Marvel’s Civil War. Continuing on from Stick of Truth with the same people and same Character, except this time your just the little “asshole” again. You have to fight your way through the superhero franchise. If you enjoy South Park humor this will make your day.

From there we happily jump to The Division, the record breaking Tom Clancy game. Releasing information such as the expansion “Underground” with unique replays. Meaning that you will never play the same story no matter how many times you play it. This launches at the end of June 2016.

With it being Ubisofts 30 birthday they also launched some outfits, related to other UBI games including Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

To wrap up the Divisions seemingly stand alone moment, they also announced “Survival” where you hunt for food, supplies and survivors in a dead New York. With enemies around ever corner and other people looking for what you have, you must fight, to survive.

In the VR we are aiming for the sky with Eagle Flight VR. A PvP style game where you capture Prey as an eagle. Playing against another team you must capture the Prey and bring it back to your nest. There may be more to this game, but thats what was announced so far.

Red Storm Entertainment came out and slam dunked the VR train in a way that no one else has so far. We moved to space with Star Trek Bridge Crew. Going where no man has gone before we take our own warp tunnel with this nostalgic world to a whole new level. Bringing stars from the shows and movies to demo their games, Karl Urban (Star Trek Beyond) and Levar Burton (Jordi – Star Trek The Next Generation) stopped by and tested the game themselves and no one is better to determine the world of Star Trek than those who helped to create it.

Coming back to the our galaxy we take a look at a historical fantasy game. Taking place after a world shattering disaster. Where death and destruction litters the fictional landscape. Where survival means clashing with your fellow man, simply to keep yourself alive. 1000 years of war has ravaged the land and everytime peace becomes an option, something breaks it…For Honor releases 02/14/17.

Wrapping it up Watch_Dogs 2, the amazing looking brain child and a personal favorite of mine. I am more than kind of looking forward to this game. With my deep obsession for the first game, I cannot wait to get my hands on a game where I can control cars to come to me! Forget just controling the light with this game you control the entire world with free running reaching a new level and teh ability to actually make cars either traps or escapes, there is no limit to what you can do in this world. I’m to excited to become Marcus. So I will drop some Game play released by Ubisoft for the occasion, its an 11 minute actual game play video.

Okay so that wasn’t the final announcement, but it should have been, Ubisoft clamped down their spot with a snow sport game. While I have never been a fan of sports games, I think that we are looking at the worst decision to close down a conference then throwing another sports game at us. But hey, it does look good, just not, firework ending good.