Destiny was my first PS4 game due to the bundle that I purchased. I was amazed with it and played it for eight to ten hours straight till there was nothing left except the same stupid missions over and over again. My buddy Ben informed me of The Taken King and got it since he had helped me out through it. Of course they added a few more things which I enjoyed but of course after a week or so of doing everything with him and not beating the King, I gave the game up due to frustration and irritation of not having the guns of everyone else because I just didn’t care.


I saw the new DLC the other day. “Destiny: Rise of Iron” is set to release on September 20, and is also said to ‘out-do’ The Taken King DLC. I want to buy it but at the same time I know what will happen – I’ll be impressed, push it for a week and then regret the $50 I spent on it. I don’t understand why they create a game but not add to it as it goes. I wish Activision and Bungie would stop worrying about the PvP in the game and do more to the story or add more interesting missions. Don’t force me to wait so many months so that by the time I care again, I am super behind from the beginning player. That is just my thoughts on a game that I had high hopes for when it first came out.

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