That time of year when your wallet prepares for the worst. When your computer starts doing everything it can to make space on it self. It’s that time of year again folks…the Steam Summer Sale has arrived.

Officially starting 6/23 the sale has over 12,000 games up to 90% off the regular price. Games from top sellers like GTA and Assassins Creed all of discounts on their games that you cannot turn down.

Take time my friends focus on what you want and need. Don’t just spend willy nilly. Your wallet will thank you for not skinning it alive, your computer will be happy to not be overloaded with software you will never play. I understand that the desire to buy every game that is under 10.00! Some as low as 0.50!

But be considerate of your other belongings, your dog will miss you, your friends will miss you, hell even the cat will miss you if you spend all this time on Steam! So go, buy responsibly, fill your PC with games you will play but don’t forget to eat…people die from not doing that.

As for me…I’m off to follow none of the statements I have made and get shopping, curse you Valve for your amazing deals!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from UBG, be careful out there today, the sale is here.