As a gamer, I have a fantastic library of games from a wide variety of consoles. There are some games I still play even though they are old. They’re good enough to have stood the test of time. When I was growing up I played video games all the time, although I had little selection and learned to enjoy the handful of games I had. If I ever got tired of Mario 3, I might play duck hunt, twenty minutes later I would go back to Mario 3. If I was lucky, my dad would rent a game like Mario 2, Festers Quest, of Bubble bobble. So, now I wonder, “Are the old NES games still worth playing?” That is exactly what we will be exploring in another BAGGIAG game review, because a good game is a good game! So far we discovered that an old gem called Blaster Master is better than I remember! Also, a game I once thought was kind of bad, Dash Galaxy and the Alien Asylum, is actually far worse than bad.

Today I will review a game that I remember fondly. I will answer the question “Is this a good game, or just a game that was more worth my time than some of the other pieces of crap the NES had to offer me?” I’ll recount my memories of the game first and put together a calculated score out of 25 based of 5 different categories. Next I’ll fire up the game and spend 1 hour playing it to see what it has to offer, than I’ll share my experiences and offer a revised score. Now these scores are modern review scores where I will give no handicap based on when the game was made or other restrictions the developer had. It makes no difference BECAUSE A GOOD GAME IS A GOOD GAME!

Mega Man 2 BAGGIAGG!!
Many Mega Man games came out for the NES. Mega Man 2 wasn’t even the first one I remember playing. It was Mega Man 3 that got me hooked on the blue bomber, but Mega Man 2 had one thing going for it that the others fell short on. Mega Man 2 is real stupid-cakes hard! I’m not sure if this will be an advantage or not compared to the balanced difficulty of today’s games. I think the game does get a little easier as you go along because as you beat the different bosses, you gain more weapons and abilities. But if you fall victim to a spike that kills you instantly, a pitfall that kills you instantly, a beam that kills you instantly or even an obstacle where you need one of your weapons to continue and you’re out of ammo, there is really nothing you can do but add another tick to your death toll. If nothing else, this game helped push forward one of my favorite game series and had a really cool music theme in Wilys Castle Stage 1. Rock on, Rock Man!

Mega Man 2 pre-play score:

Fun, Stimulating: 5
Challenging: 3
Replay value: 4
Plot, Characters, Elements: 4
Sound and Graphics: 2.5
total: 18.5
Time to play, Mega Man 2, wish me luck!

Once again, I am surprised at how different this game is from what I remember. I thought it was super hard but it’s really not too bad. The levels don’t seem to be very long and the bosses take damage a lot easier than some other mega man games. In an hour of play I managed to beat all the eight bosses and get to the first area of Dr. Wily’s castle where the music is just as cool as I remember it. Although easier than I remember, this game is still filled with enemies and obstacles, it doesn’t feel overwhelming because you have a lot of weapons and abilities at your disposal to curb the danger. The controls are smooth and easy. Health normally isn’t much of a problem because the many enemies frequently drop health. This is a fun game that had no shortness of action, but easy enough to progress through so it never gets a chance to get repetitive or boring.

Mega Man 2 final score:

Fun, Stimulating: 5
Challenging: 5
Replay value: 3
Plot, Characters, Elements: 3
Sound, Graphics: 3
Total: 19

To me, top scores in Fun as well as Challenge is a big deal. It does have little replay value but it’s certainly worth at least one play through!
Thanks for reading my Review of Mega Man 2 and I hope you pick up this game and give it a go! If your wondering how I set my scores I’ll leave my guidelines below. Hmm, this would be a great place to leave a farewell catchphrase!