Hi, I’m Ryan.
I’ve always been a gamer. Today our choices of games are rich, but when I was growing up I only had the NES.
I think it was easy to pick favourites when your only choices are Baseball, Dash Galaxy and Super Mario Bros. 3
I will be exploring the games I remember and revisit them to see how well they stack up to the vast selections of games we can enjoy today. Nostalgia aside, I think the NES games still have a lot to offer to gamers of today. After all, a good game is a good game.
With that I give you my first installment of…
NES games! Because a good game is a good game!
or NG!Baggiagg!
or maybe just Baggiagg!
I may change the name later…

Blaster Master BAGGIAGG
Okay, just mentioning the name of this game brings me memories of the opening theme that leads into the first area! do dododoDO! Nice. Blaster Master lets you take control of a tank that you found in a hole in your backyard beside the radioactive crate. That may sound wacky, but it makes total sense when you watch the game’s intro, from what I remember. The cool thing about this tank is that it’s built with a jumping ability and various other weapons and mobility upgrades that you earn throughout the game. You also can’t go everywhere in the tank so you occasionally need to hop out and explore some areas and caves with just your gun and wearing a space suit. I don’t remember why you are wearing a space suit. Now before I boot up my virtual console and revisit Blaster Master, I’ll give it a pre-replay rating just off my wonderful nostalgic memories of this cool game.
I’ll grade each game I review in this way, and keep in mind this is a modern review and I’m not pulling punches due to limitations of the time period. A good game is a good game after all. I’ll also be specific about how my grading works, each number will have parameters, I’ll add these to the bottom of the post.

  • Fun and stimulating: 3
  • Challenge: 5
  • Replay Value: 3
  • Plot, characters, and elements: 3
  • Sound and Graphics: 3

Total: 17 / 25

(Wow, I’m a harsh critic) It may not have gotten great marks all around but I think the game play is what I will really enjoy about revisiting this game. Okay, time to play!!

One hour of game play. I didn’t fully appreciate this game when I was young. I was expecting something a little more tedious. But the only thing holding this game back is a lack of good graphics.
As I remembered, the intro video illustrates you having a radioactive crate in your back yard and a hole beyond the hedges. I didn’t really realize how ridiculous it was at the time. I also didn’t find out why you are wearing a space suit.

This game probably falls into the Metroidvania category of games. The platform jumping, shooting at enemies, upgrading, and backtracking all feel like Metroid. Also, there are Metroids in the game.
This game is just fun. The enemies get more crafty as the game progresses which motivates you to open up your arsenal and get some practice in with some homing missiles, lightning strikes, or even hopping out of your tank briefly to peck of a low lying pest. The bosses take some skill and become dramatically more difficult as soon as you take any damage, which makes these very exhilarating encounters. There comes a need to grind when your gun takes damage and you want it at full power, having to look for the power up taints the flow of the game, but it’s not necessary when you make good use of grenades.
Playing this game today was a lot of fun and has definitely given me a renewed appreciation for the game. I think as a more experienced gamer I was more willing to enjoy aspects of the game that I didn’t appreciate when I was young. Namely, unleashing all the different weapons.

My new grade for Blaster Master is:

  • Fun and stimulating: 4
  • Challenge: 5
  • Replay: 4
  • Plot, Characters, elements: 3
  • Sound and and graphics: 3

Total: 19/25

Well, That’s it! Thank you for reading my review of Blaster Master! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will read my next BAGGIAGG the next time you visit UnboundGamer.com

Oh, and for those who are interested, here is my formula for figuring out game grades
Fun and stimulating
1. endlessly tedious
2. long periods of dullness
3. frequently enjoyable moments
4. fun around every corner
5. constantly invigorating
Challenging (a top score represents a good balance)
1. The challenge is created or lost due to unavoidable bugs glitches or other design problems, sigh.
2. losing is difficult/too difficult just to overcome the first barrier
3.the game seems to only get hard around the end/progress is possible but losing happens frequently
4.occasionally lose when careless/actually finishing the game is a grueling process
5.genuine tests of ingenuity that give a sense of triumph for overcoming them are found throughout
Replay value
1. no-one can convince me to play that again
2. picking it up for a second time would be pointless
3. I may want to try it again after a long break
4. eager for my next playthrough
5. I immediately want to play it over and over again
plot, memorable characters and elements
1. bland, no originality
2. just enough to set it apart from other games but only barely
3. some things caught my interest
4. the game gives off a unique atmosphere
5. very deep and enthralling
sound and graphics
1. I can barely tell what’s going on
2. boring
3. catchy tunes and stunning visuals
4. top notch
5. sights I consider true artwork and music I just want to listen like an overplayed top 40’s pop hit.