(Originally posted on Gaming Precision)

Everyone knows I’m a fan of the Nintendo franchise, from popular titles like Super Mario Bros. To the Legend of Zelda to Animal Crossing… I play them all. It’s been a recent trend it seems for Nintendo to make spin-off titles of their more popular series. First we had Hyrule Warriors, and now the upcoming Triforce Heroes, and Mario Maker, and more recently, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the game about which I will be writing today.

Developer: Nintendo Entertainment / Publisher: Nintendo / Platform: Nintendo 3DS  / Release Date: September 25th, 2015 

I got the game the day it came out, along with quite the hefty handful of Amiibo cards along with the NFC Reader/Writer for the Nintendo 3DS. Even though I got it on Friday, due to a very busy weekend, I had only gotten to start it this past Sunday evening. Now, if you are an avid fan of the series purely because you love fishing, digging, earning Bells, collecting everything you can collect, and just exploring the little Animal Crossing world around you, this game may not quite be your cup of tea. In Happy Home Designer, it is literally just as the title states: You are a Happy Home Designer. In the game you play the role of a Happy Home Designer and it’s your job to gather clients and give them the house of their dreams! One of the things I liked the most was that you get to create your character, it’s not a randomly generated one like in New Leaf. You get to pick your skin color, hair color and style, and eyes and eye color. Clothes are customizable to a degree as you will always be in your HHD uniform.

In the beginning, clients come to you for your home-designing services. After a few days of this, you’re on your own to go and drum up new business. Another thing to be noted about HHD versus NL, is that there is no time frame like there is in New Leaf whereas if you play at 2PM in real life, you’re playing at 2PM in the game (as long as you don’t do any 3DS time-traveling…). In HHD, once you’re done with your day’s work, you’ll be prompted by Lottie (a fellow HHD employee) to go do your Daily Reports so that Mr. Nook knows what you did that day. Basically, your Daily Report is just saving the game, after which it will ask you if you’d like to continue playing the game or if you’d like to quit.

As the game progresses, you unlock more stuff to use to decorate with, and you can also spend your Play Coins to unlock new ‘tips’, a perk you will gain access to after playing the game for at least a little while (accessible when you go to do your Daily Report).

And decorating the interior of the houses isn’t the only thing you can decorate. You also get to choose the design for the outside of the house from the way the house is structured, to the roof style and color, and the outside front. You can also decorate the yard with a fence of your choosing along with bushes, trees, and flowers. Now, I have yet to complete the game – if you can complete it – so there may be more content I myself have even yet to unlock.

As far as the Amiibo cards are concerned, you use them to unlock new characters to build house for, and to put at one of your public work projects… which brings me to my next point about this game. Not only do you do personal homes for the Animals, Isabelle also drops in to give you public orders to design and develop a school, a hospital, a café, and probably more as the game progresses. So far, I like it, but I could see myself getting pretty bored pretty quick if I were to play it for too long at a time, so I’ve been pacing myself as I go, so I can still enjoy the game. All in all, I like it. So if you’re into Animal Crossing and like decorating stuff for your Animals, then you may just have to give Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer a try.