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Anybody who knows me knows I am an avid Nintendo fan, and my favorite Nintendo franchise is The Legend of Zelda. So one could only imagine my excitement when Hyrule Warriors was announced. I’d get to play as some of my favorite characters since my childhood in a setting that was familiar to me but in the style of the epic Dynasty Warriors games! The Legend of Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors? Take my money, Nintendo! Who wouldn’t want to experience the two worlds within one?

Developer: Omega Force/Team Ninja / Publisher: Koei Tecmo/Nintendo / Platform: Nintendo Wii U / Release Date: September 26th, 2014

So I of course had Hyrule Warriors preordered from the get-go, so I played it day of, and have honestly been playing it ever since. Keep in mind, the game released on September 26th, today as I’m writing this review, it’s November 12th. You may be wondering as to why it’s taken me so long to get the writing a review for the game. A) I have way too much to do day to day with very little time for my gaming (Saddest thing ever, I know) and B) I really wanted to play it as much as I can, unlocking what I can and explore the first DLC pack before I sat down to write this.


The game is just as it was meant to be: A perfect blend of The Legend of Zelda with Dynasty Warriors. In the past I’ve had way more experience with The Legend of Zelda than I had ever had with Dynasty Warriors, but even without the vast experience of Dynasty Warriors that I was lacking, I was still able to play the game with very few complications.

The story mode is a whole new story based in the Legend of Zelda lore, that actually (and very flawlessly)combines not only the current universe they the characters are in, but manages to combine in the universes of Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Which in turn explains why characters such as Zant, Midna, Ruto, and Darunia are all characters in the game. The story is pretty good, with a few twists, but it essentially is like every other Legend of Zelda back story. In no way am I complaining, I love Zelda, but the story to me wasn’t very ‘outside of the box’ so to speak. The gameplay during story is challenging at times, keeping it exciting and enjoyable. Also, you can change up the difficulty of the game in menu if it seems too easy or too hard for you.

While playing through the story mode, you get a few characters along with a few new weapons, but if you want more goodies, you’ll play Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode has been the section of the game I’ve been wasting my life away in mostly. And with the first set of DLC which came out last month, I received as extra map to explore entitled “Master Quest Map”.


The neat thing about Adventure Mode is that it’s set up on a grid-like map that depicts the same screens as what we all played on the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. Each square offers up a new challenge, some easy, and some pretty hard. Upon completing the map section, not only do you unlock nearby map squares, but you also win new weapons, characters and costumes. It all depends on the ranking you get, as ranking A, B, or C will give you different rewards. In order to unlock certain rewards, you must first ‘search’ the area using one of the items you win multiple times on the map: a compass. The compass reveals hidden areas which you must expose using multiple items you get while playing Adventure Mode, everything from bombs to blow up walls and candles to burn bushes, to harps to tame butterflies and digging mitts to dig holes in the ground. So expect to have to go back to previous squares multiple times to get more of the item you need for future squares. It gets tedious, but the rewards in the end make it all worth it.

Later this month we will get another DLC pack, as well as another in January and another in February. Nintendo has yet to say if there will be more later on down the road or not. As those DLC packs become available, perhaps I’ll write impression pieces on them to tie in with this review. The game is well worth it, with fast-paced action and tons of content to keep the player busy. All in all, I loved it. Good job, Nintendo.