A partnership between Mad Unicorn Games and Apogee Software has resulted in what may very well be the next game YOU will want to play and add to your collection. The game is Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis, and it’s a 2.5D brawler/action game that pays homage to the 1980’s and 1990’s  where several IPs are concerned… The game is similar to other games such as TMNT: The Arcade Game, River City Ransom, Streets of Rage, and X-Men. You’ll fight your way through city-themed levels that are maze-like in nature.

In Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis, the premise is that all levels are playsets, and all characters are action figures. There are six levels, each of which are a different playset, while there are up to 40 playable characters which become unlockable as you advance through the game. And as with most games, you will encounter a boss at the end of each level. Let it be noted that every boss and enemy are also unlockable.

The story of the game is as follows:

“You are Diesel, a bald, hulking every-man looking for the reasoning for the sudden influx of crime in the city. He fights through the first Playset to take down the end boss, the notorious Maniac. As the story progresses, Diesel makes his way to the heart of the city, where he finds out that there’s more at play than just crime.”

A Kickstarter has been made to help push the game to its finishing line in a rather timely manner, as they only have a little more to go before they can release this game unto the masses. So if retro games are a thing you’re into, as well as some pretty neat beat-’em-up action, then you may want to look into Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis, and maybe even back them on their quest to finish up the game.