So the day is here. The long awaited Pokemon app has released. Pokemon Go is now released and people have Pokemon fever. As we speak people are out looking for Pokemon to add to their collection. I love Pokemon a much as any other Pokemon fan but this app makes me worry. In today’s day and age, adults and teenagers are not the only ones that have cell phones. Little kids have them now too. I know for a fact if my 7-year-old had a cell phone he would download this app in a heartbeat because Pokemon is one of his favorite shows. For him to feel like he is Ash Ketchem and being out there trying to become a Pokemon master would be a dream come true. And that is what scares me. I know that he is impulsive enough to walk out of the house to catch a Pokemon. Especially if it is one of his favorites. That would cause some major chaos in my house considering my 3-year old would follow him out and so would both of my dogs and I would be chasing 4 animals around my apartment complex.




I am very worried as a parent that kids will leave the house in search of Pokemon and do it without a second thought. Why? Well because younger kids are impulsive and don’t think things through. They don’t think of the cost of their actions because they are children. I am also very afraid of kids wandering into the road. I am worried about kids wandering away from their parents in a crowded place like the Mall in pursuit  of a Pokemon. I am worried about a kid that can’t swim wandering too close to water (pools, lakes, the ocean) in pursuit of water Pokemon. I am very afraid of seeing my phone and Facebook blow up with notifications about missing children or how they got hurt. So please parents, keep an eye on your kids if you let them have this app. Be proactive if you let young children have this app. Talk to them about taking family walks in the evening so they can hunt for Pokemon. Tell them to let you know if a Pokemon is in a crowded place so you guys can find it together. Explain to them why they can’t go wandering off by themselves. Explain to them why they can’t completely be Ash Ketchum and just wander around on their own.


I do want to make it clear, I know now every kid will do this. No one knows your kid better than you. I am just reminding people that kids are kids and they don’t always think. That is what we are here for. I am not saying every parent will even download this app. I know some parents are like “my kids would never get away from me.” Being a stay at home mom of two boys I would love to say I have never lost track of my boys. That I always have my eye on them. That they are never unsupervised. they have never gotten into things or in trouble because I was there to stop it. If I told you that I would be a BIG FAT LAIR. I am a human, I have things going on. Like sometimes I need to go to the bathroom or to take my dogs out to the grassy area in front of my apartments so they can go out. I run out to take out the trash, even though that only takes a minute to cause major chaos in just those few minutes.  So remember your kids are kids. Remember kids don’t always think especially when they are excited about something or are really into something. Like I said earlier, my son and pretty much every other kid he knows loves Pokemon. He is seven and so are all of his friends and yes some of those kids have a nicer phone than I do. I do not doubt that some of those kids already have a nice collection. So parents let’s be smart and keep our kids safe.


Added notes from the Editor:

The picture you see as my featured image for this article was not the original picture that the writer had intended to use. While we have not determined that the image used is from a fake article (which we should have researched more) we are using it for its shock factor. We hope to never see an article like this as a real post. Please take away the true message behind this post, the game is not a bad thing. We are all players here, just keep an eye on the little ones who play. Hunt together, make it a family friendly and safe environment.