It’s been fun playing Pokemon Go since it’s infancy and experiencing how the game changes with each update. You find that you need to adjust the way you play each time they tweak something.

I thought for a while that the gyms were unbalanced. Defending a gym for your own team was not worth it, it was far easier to attack a rival gym. Apparently Niantic had the same thing in mind. Since the update on October 6th, we have been able to bring six Pokemon to a friendly gym to train, raise the prestige and open up a spot for your own Pokemon. This has been a big game changer! Last week I helped out one of my friendly gyms that was at a cool level 9. I dropped in my Lapras that was near a CP of 2000. It ended up pretty high on the totem pole so I was hopeful that it may last a day. This area is normally quite the battleground. I was delighted to see that my Lapras did indeed last a day and I was able to collect a second time for my Lapras after waiting the 21 hours. That was not all. The next day she was still in there, and the next! It’s now on day seven and I’m about to collect again!

I suspect I’m not the only one delighted by this fortunate outcome of the latest update. Looking all around the Pokemon landscape are towers of gyms, most more than 6 levels tall. This is a phenomenon that is more than gyms being easier to defend. Before the update, you would on rare occasion see a towering gym, and at the time it was a sight to behold. But such towers never lasted. I remember myself approaching a nice level 6 gym and chuckled to myself as I took it down on my own with some decent Pokemon and a pocket full of revives and potions. I was just raking in the experience points and earning a huge victory for my team! (although the poor Vaporeon that I left to defend it lasted a meager 20 minutes) I know this kind of take-down is still possible and I know that there are seasoned players now who have behemoths in their top six that could make mince meat out of any of these gyms.

The question is, why can a gym keep a tower of Pokemon defending it for more than a week? I believe that the big burly Pokemon with the means to do so are out defending gyms at the moment. The gyms have gone from boisterous battlegrounds, to rich Pokemon hotels, no longer housing just a few Pokemon each, now the average Gym is three times as tall as it used to be. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I think also, Niantic are handing out 3 times as many coins as they used to.

Enjoy your lull, Pokemon trainers, because for now it is calm, but if you sit still and feel the Poke-wind, you can that feel something is looming. Will you be ready?