How many of you out there still play Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS? If you’re anything like me, four years later you still find yourself checking in on your town from time to time, seeing who’s come and gone and pulling up whatever weeds have invaded you beautiful little town. It’s been four years since the game has released, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from working on the game and adding a little something more to it.

Animal Crossing New Leaf update 2016

Coming this fall, we should get an update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf that will give us amiibo capability. We will be able to scan the Animal Crossing amiibo cards while playing New Leaf (the ones that were made originally for Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer) and by scanning them into the game, you will make that one specific villager move into your town. Animal Crossing amiibo figures will also be compatible.

Animal Crossing Splatoon DLC

Also with the pictures released for the update, it looks like there is a very good possibility of some Splatoon DLC. You see two squirrels that move in that look like Callie and Marie. No details have been given yet, but it’s most likely unlocked by the Callie and Marie Splatoon amiibo. In the pictures, you even see Splatoon themed furniture and room decor.

Animal Crossing New LEaf Splatoon Isabelle

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