With my finace’s son, I have been replaying this game for a month or two now and we have not beaten it yet. I truly think we are close though. There is an introduction scene at the beginning of Borderlands 2 where the storyteller tells of another adventure and you can choose either Zero (who goes invisible), Salvador (I believe pulls out a second weapon), Axton (uses a turret), or Maya (who is a psychic). Of course with the ultimate edition it opens up like five more characters. Whoever you choose, survives a train accident and then BOOM – Game time.

Playing Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita was difficult. You couldn’t control it very well nor get very far, which is why I chose to play it for a second time on the PS3. Either way, you are accompanied by claptrap for a few missions and the rest is pretty much roam as well and do missions as you please. When i say missions, i mean side missions out the wazoo. I think we have done over fifty side missions.

The gameplay becomes severely dull overtime as you try to go to the mission spot just to be stopped by whatever crazy animal they made for this game exist in that one area or just even the human bodies that live there. I will say this, the guns are extremely amazing and so much time and effort in creating so many guns and different types that you actually are amazed by them and start to search for that certain type of weapon.

You meet a lot of cool characters that give you missions to do to gain money, weapons, or Eridium, which helps increase gun slots or how many you can hold in your inventory, grenades, or ammo increase.
The overall story I actually forgot about until we ran out of side missions. I was actually like “Oh yeah, we still have to kill Jack…”. This game is definitely worth it for the money you paid for it, but as for a second play through, you may feel the game is dragging and you may eventually stop playing due to how repetitive it becomes.