We spent five nights as a security guard in that on pizza place. We have seen horrors of haunted animatronics come dashing at you. Five Nights at Freddy’s took the indie horror scene by storm. Scott rocked our socks with this fast paced high action game that lead to many nightmares. We thought it was over with the end of FNaF 4 and the release (and flop) of FNaF World.

Then Mr. Cawthon graced us with “Sister Location” a whole new take on the horror that is animatronics. In this game you are not simply sitting waiting for them to attack you. Oh no, you are moving through the location resolving problems all while trying to stay alive. With Ballora, Baby, Foxy and Fun Time Freddy all watching you from their perspective places. Traverse the warehouse trying to complete your job with your mind, and body, intact.


While I was a huge fan of the FNaF games, I do have to admit that the staleness was there after 3 games and with 4 being a small change allowing you to move through the room was a nice change. Without ever opening the chest and getting the “real” ending I was left a little hollow. I know that the “Dream” theory is correct and it’s a good way to make that game, it wasn’t a cop out.

Sister Location has re-invigorated my love of this mans game creation and brought a whole new life to the horror games again. I cannot wait to see how he links another game to this franchise and adds just a bit more to the story.

The ambiance is perfect, the jump scares are much less predictable and the fact that you have to move through this place just adds that much more suspense to the game. If you haven’t picked this up yet I highly recommend it, and since it is Halloween time, all the more reason to prepare for the season.

Can you survive 5 nights at Sister Location? Let us know below if you did.