Tapa Koko


The first Alolan Guardian we were introduce to, he is the Guardian of MeelMele island. Tapa Koko is a very curious Pokemon. If it finds a Pokemon or person interesting it will engage them either to battle or to play. Despite him being a Guardian Deity, he does not always come to help. He has quite the fickle personality. Tapa Koko can hide himself inside the two halve of the shell at the ends of his arms. In doing so, he can store up electricity. During special time he will also take on this form but we are unsure why. Tapa Koko is partners with Hala, the Kahuna of MeleMele Island.  Hala is also the grandfather of Hau and will be the one to present you with your starting partner.

Tapu Bulu


This Pokemon is not very active at all. The people of Aloah don’t know if it is just because it’s lazy or if it is just very docile. Tapa Bulu does not like scaring other Pokemon. HE alerts other Pokemon that he is around by ringing a large bell on its tail. Tapa Bulu is not fond of fighting but will give it his all if the need rises. Evil-doers beware! Tapa Bulu has no love for you and will show no mercy. He is a formidable foe with his power to manipulate plant life. Tapu Bulu can use that same power on his wooden horns. Making them larger and changing their shape. A story in Alola is that once thieves broke into his ruins, he swung the trees like massive clubs, punishing the thieves for breaking in.

Tapa Lele


Tapa Lele is an interesting Pokemon. Innocent in some ways, cruel in others. Tapa Lele can scatter glowing scales that has a stimulating effect on others. Tapa Lele can heal injuries and illnesses by using her glowing scales but if exposed to too many at once, the body can not withstand the effect making them potentially dangerous.  Tapu Lele enjoys scattering its scales casually over Pokemon and humans alike which can bring them to ruin. There is a legend in the Alola Island about this Guardian. The legend goes that Tapu Lele was able to use her scales to sooth tired warriors which brought an end to a great war between the islands.

Tapa Fini



Tapa Fini has power over water. With that power she is able to make a special type of water. The power in this water can cleanse the body and mind. To obtain this special water, Tapu Fini has you complete a certain challenge. You must find your way through her fog. Many humans have braved the fog looking for Tapu Fini and her purified water. Evil-doers tried to get their hands on her water too. As a result of that, Tapu Fini has a lack of interest in humanity. She does not appear and has a sense of disgust about people

Ultra Beast



UB-01 is constantly changing its shape, even though it seems to be made of a glass like substance. Normally not settling on one form, it right now seems to be showing the characteristics of a little girl. It is unknown if it has any emotions or personality of its own. What is known is that it has basic survival instincts.

UB-02 Absorption


Depending on which game you own, you will have a different UB-02. If you own Pokemon Sun, your UB-02 will be UB-02: Codename:  Absorption. People are unsure if Absorption’s long mouth is used for attacking considering it’s harder then diamond. Absorption has a body covered in strong muscles. A punch for this ultra beast is off the chart due to its powerful body.

UB-02 Beauty


If you are getting Pokemon Moon like I am, you will have to deal with UB-02: Codename: Beauty. Beauty has a strange effecet on Pokemon, male or female, all Pokemon seem to become attracted to her and will lose their will to fight her. No one is sure if it is her hypnotic look or if she puts off a scent that allures the Pokemon. With her long lovely legs, she is super fast. So fast in fact, it is said that she can move out of the way of lighting strikes.

UB-03 Lighting


Unfortunately, guys and gals, there is noting on this Ultra Beast, but I do have a picture.

UB-05 Glutton


Ub-05: Codename: Glutton has a monstrous appetite. It will eat anything in front of it. Glutton will not only eat items but it is said it will eat the very earth around it. It is said it will eat everything to the ground it stands on to the seas it connects to. No one knows how Glutton’s body works but it seems that no matter how much it eats, it does not seem to produce waste. It is believed that its body converts everything into energy.

**Writer’s Note**

I was wondering, does anyone get a Seven Deadly Sins vibe from these Ultra Beasts? Here is how I see it:

  • UB-01 (Sloth)
  • UB-02 Absorption (Greed)
  • UB-02 Beauty (Lust)
  • UB-03 Lighting (Wrath)
  • UB-05 Glutton (Gluttony)

We are just missing two sins. We are missing Envy and Pride. I heard there are two more Ultra Beasts we don’t know about. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you think I am wrong or could this be a possibility?

Writer’s Second Note: Does anyone know what this is? It is on Pokemon’s site for Sun and Moon but there is no information. If anyone could fill me in, that would be wonderful. Leave info in the comments below Thank you.