I am sorry this is so late. I will be doing better on update from here on out. Thank you for being waiting. The is part one of the new things we know about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. It was a big update so this is just about new Pokemon and Alolan Form. I will be doing another article about new features in the game. If you would like to see the other article I did about the other new Pokemon from Sun and Moon go check out my other article.

And Now the part you all have been waiting for. The new Pokemon from the latest Update.

Mudbray: Donkey Pokemon

Type: Ground

Ability: Own Tempo or Stamina

PokeDex entry: Mudbray could once be found all over the world, but it was overhunted and ended up on the verge of extinction. It’s said that the Alola region is the only place in the world where Mudbray can still be found in the wild. Mudbray boasts superhuman strength—a surprise, considering its small body. Mudbray can carry loads up to 50 times its own weight on its back or dragging behind it. Mudbray loves playing in the mud. It’s easy to live in harmony with this Pokémon, as long as you provide an environment where it can play in the mud. If it can’t frolic in the mire, however, Mudbray will become stressed and may stop listening to orders.

Writer’s Opinion: Explain to me how a donkey turns into a Clydesdale? I mean I know it is Pokemon and all but this is a species switch, not an evolution.

Gumshoos: The Stakeout Pokemon

Type: Normal

Ability: Stakeout/Strong Jaw

PokeDex Entry: Gumshoos’s method of targeting prey is the exact opposite of Yungoos’s strategy. While Yungoos prowls around, Gumshoos stakes out its prey’s usual routes and waits patiently for it to come by.
Gumshoos has a tenacious personality, which is why it targets one prey for so long without wavering. But when the sun goes down, it runs low on stamina, falling asleep right on the spot. Gumshoos can withstand a great deal of hunger. It’s able to stay perfectly still while waiting for its prey, keeping watch without eating a thing.

Writer’s Opinion: This thing is only 10″ shorter then my toddler and only a couple of pounds lighter. So if this thing wanted to it could bite me in the butt. Also doesn’t look like and old wise sensei. Watching over his pupil while he trains to be the very best… Like no one ever was.

Fomantis: The Sickle Grass Pokemon




Type: Grass

Ability: Leaf Guard

PokeDex Entry: Fomantis is nocturnal, and it performs photosynthesis while it sleeps during the day by spreading out its leaves in all directions. Because of the danger of staying in the same location two days in a row, Fomantis begins its search for the next day’s spot as soon as the sun sets. For Fomantis, photosynthesis is not just a source of energy—it is a necessity to achieve the strength and brilliant coloration of its evolved form. Photosynthesis is precious to Fomantis, and it will fiercely attack those who get in the way of that process. Fomantis excel at long-range attacks like Razor Leaf and Solar Beam. Solar Beam is indeed a powerful move, but since it uses up the energy that the Pokémon has stored through photosynthesis, Fomantis rarely uses it.

Writer Opinion: Fomantis need it’s beauty sleep. That is what I got from this.

Lurantis: The Bloom Sickle Pokemon



Type: Grass

Ability; Leaf guard

PokeDex: Lurantis draws opponents near to itself with its flowerlike appearance and aroma—and then it takes them down. It’s said to be the most gorgeous of all Grass-type Pokémon, due to its brilliant coloration and elegant moves. Lurantis’s appearance is maintained through detailed grooming. It will trust a Trainer who does a good job of caring for it, but it will apparently have a difficult time growing closer to a lazy Trainer.

Writer Opinion: See good sleep and the right amount of care and us pretty Pokemon are all about kicking butt. Also I don’t know about the most gorgeous. I can think of some other very beautiful grass types. For example, Leafeon, just saying.

Minior: The Meteor Pokemon



Type: Rock Flying

Ability: Shields Down

PokeDex Entry: Minior are formed in the stratosphere and live by absorbing the detritus around them. When they’ve consumed a large quantity of particles, their bodies become heavy, and they fall toward the planet’s surface. Minior has a hard and heavy outer shell with a core inside it. The Meteor Pokémon seems to be made in such a way that if its shell breaks, it becomes lighter and can deal out quick attacks. When its shell breaks, the core in its center is revealed. You won’t know what color will appear until this happens! The color you can have under that hard shell are Yellow, Orange, Pink or Blue.

Writer Opinion: I love this pokemon. When I was a kid I always wanted to find a falling star and now I can. Also I have a feeling I will be catching a lot of these as my favorite color is blue and with my luck I will have the hardest time finding a blue one.

Oricorio: The Dancing Pokemon

Type: Ghost Flying, Fire Flying, Psychic Flying and Electric Flying (Picture and descriptions go in this order. )

PokeDex Entry: Oricorio changes its form by sipping the nectar of certain flowers. Since it has four different forms—the same as the number of islands in Alola—it would seem that different Oricorio live on each of the islands.


The Sensu Style Oricorio is quiet and collected. By means of its dance, it gathers the spirits drifting about in an area and borrows their power to fight. People who migrated from Kanto feel a great liking for this Pokémon because its dance reminds them of their homeland.




The Baile Style Oricorio is very passionate, and power fills its body when it dances. It sends downy fluff flying during its intense dances. By igniting this fluff, it can unleash a fiery dance attack.



The Pa’u Style Oricorio acts at its own pace, which sometimes makes it difficult to deal with. It sharpens its spirited moves through dance, which increases its psychic power. It’s said that this dance expresses its gratitude to the guardian deity Pokémon.



The Pom-Pom Style Oricorio is very friendly toward people, and it uses dancing to encourage Trainers who are feeling glum. When it dances, its feathers are charged with static electricity. It can attack with these charged feathers, and sometimes it unleashes a powerful electric shock.

Writer Opinion: I list these in my in my favorite order. I will admit I love these bird. I hope there is an area in the game where you can learn dances from these birds. That would be fun. Even better if you could learn dance with your pokemon and it make you bonds stronger.




Sandshrew: The Mouse Pokemon



Type: Ice Steel

Ability: Snow Cloak

PokeDex Entry: Sandshrew have historically lived in desert areas. But the frequent eruptions of nearby volcanoes drove the Sandshrew to abandon the desert and migrate to snowy mountains, where they took on this form. Sandshrew’s body changed to adapt to the harsh environment of the snowy mountains. The Alolan Sandshrew has a shell of ice covering its skin, which is like hard steel. It excels defensively, but it lacks flexibility and can’t curl its body into a ball like a Ground-type Sandshrew can.

Its heavy weight makes the Alolan Sandshrew slower than a normal Sandshrew, but the claws on its hands and feet allow it to move across ice without slipping. When it wants to move quickly, it uses its stomach to slide across the ice like a curling rock.

Writer’s Opinion: I love the new Sandshrew. He looks like a little igloo. I just want to go play in the snow with him. I wonder if he could teach me how to ice skate?

Alolan Sandslash: The Mouse Pokemon



Type: Ice Steel

Ability: Snow Cloak

PokeDex: The Alolan Sandshrew of the snowy mountains evolve into Alolan Sandslash with spiny backs that are covered in ice. Thanks to their icy coating, these spines are large and sharp. Alolan Sandslash hide themselves in the snow when strong enemies appear, leaving only their needles exposed and ready for business. The weight of the ice that covers its body makes these Alolan Sandslash heavier than normal Sandslash, and this causes them to be slower. Yet in snow fields and on ice, they move by creating a path with their claws, and so they’re able to move with swiftness. The sprays of snow kicked up by Alolan Sandslash’s movements are so beautiful that many photographers head for the snowy peaks to capture the moment. However, Sandslash live deep in the mountains, and there is great danger of becoming stranded, so it’s forbidden to climb the mountains without permission.

Writer’s Opinion: This guy is deadly. His spikes are just giant icicles. If you live somewhere it snows a lot you know how dangerous icicles are. They look beautiful and everything but they are death just waiting to happen. I love that they hooked the claws they look like the are meant for digging in the snow. I would love to have one and we could build ice tunnels under the snow and make snow forts and throw snow balls at people. Also I would like to point out that you need permission to go photo graph these guy but my character can just go wandering up there????

Alolan Vulpix : The Fox Pokemon



Type: Ice

Ability: Snow Cloak

Pokedex: It is said that Vulpix came to the Alola region together with humans, but the Fox Pokémon moved to the snowy mountain peaks to avoid the normal habitats of other Pokémon, and thus it ended up taking on this form. These Alolan Vulpix live on high mountains that remain covered in snow year-round. They live in small packs of two to five individuals, helping one another survive. Alolan Vulpix can freeze anything solid by expelling breath at a temperature of −58 degrees Fahrenheit (−50° C) from its mouth. It doesn’t fare well in the heat, but when the temperature gets too high, it produces ice from its tail to lower the surrounding temperature.

Writer Opinion: I see what you guys did there. We have regular foxes and Arctic foxes now. I love this little sweetie. When it comes to the hair on its head and tail. I prefer it’s fire counterpart. I see what they did Sandshrew and Sandslash has a hard icy hard look. With Vulpix and Ninetails they gave them the look a fresh fallen snow.

Alolan Ninetales: The Fox Pokemon



Type: Ice Fairy

Ability: Snow cloak

Pokedex Entry: Alolan Ninetales live on a snowy peak that is revered in the Alola region as a holy mountain. They are treated as sacred emissaries, and people meet them with awe and fear. This Pokémon’s personality is extremely gentle, and at times it has helped humans who seem to be in distress. However, it shows no mercy at all to anyone or anything that dares to damage its territory!
The Alolan Ninetales is able to produce ice crystals from the fur that covers its body. It can use these ice crystals to block attacks, or it can form balls of ice with them, which it fires like bullets at opponents. The power of these ice missiles is great enough to pulverize rock!

Writer Opinion: I love when GAME FREAK make beautiful but bad ass Pokemon. The only thing I have to say is I really wish they had gone with more of a crystal ice look for Ninetales. Don’t get me wrong, I love the soft fairy look they did use. With what it says in it’s Pokedex I feel like a more crystal look for the mane and tail would have been better.

Alolan Exeggutor: The Coconut Pokemon




Type: Grass Dragon

Ability: Frisk

PokeDex: The environment of the Alola region, where strong sunlight pours down all year round, brought about this change in Exeggutor’s form. The people of Alola boast that the Alolan Exeggutor is the true form of Exeggutor. Unlike other Exeggutor, the Alolan Exeggutor has a fourth head—on its tail! This fourth head controls the tail independently and can take on opponents to the rear that can’t be reached by the main heads’ attacks. This Pokémon excels at whipping its long neck like a lash to attack with its hard heads. But that neck can sometimes become a weakness.

Writer Opinion: I hate the TYPING of this Pokemon. I guessed that when I found out that the new Sun/Moon games where in a place similar to Hawaii That they were going to make Exeggutor a Palm tree. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with it’s DRAGON typing. This is lazy. Our first Grass Dragon type and they made it this dumb Pokemon a Dragon. I believe it should be Grass Rock considering Coconuts are as hard as rocks. The region we are visiting has some of the most beautiful flower and plant. I many they have a fruit called a DRAGON FRUIT. That would of made a beautiful and awesome dragon. Instead we get this thing. I am a Dragon lover and this disappoints me. I mean Charizard looks like a dragon but is not. This thing is a tree but is a dragon…. WTF?

I will be releasing another article about all the new features

* All information was found on http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/