The last few of the Need For Speed games have been truly disappointing and not exactly living up to the legend that it once held as a fun and necessary racing game in your collection. My gaming buddy Ben got with me and wanted to talk about the newest one and hopefully bring back the spirit of racing and drift back into my console.

The story picks up after most wanted. The character you play as has been out of the game for awhile and is slowly wanting to make a comeback in the city Southport. From the way Ben describes it, it seems like it’s pretty close to Fast and the Furious style. A group of buddies and yourself are all together to gain small sections of the map while taking down the biggest man in the school yard type, so to speak.  The map is two to three times bigger than the previous game. Also, they actually use street racers for the acting within the game.Need For Speed

I am very ecstatic to hear that they took notes from a few of their previously successful games to make this game seem like a great comeback for this series. Informing me that drag racing is back and seems like it is used a lot. The driving though doesn’t sound too promising as some players won’t be able to handle the car better than what some others can. One interesting thing I was told, if you and your friend are online together, you can race with each other. The two of you can also try to evade the police, or even try to beat each other’s times in previous races. So you are literally pushing each other to be better.

The customization is back and more in-depth than ever before. In Underground 2, you were able to customize your car’s appearance, hoods, tires, brakes, wings, and paint. Ben said they even go further by making the upgrades so in-depth it effects tire pressure, gear ratio, nitrous, sway bars, exhausts, etc. To me this is beyond promising and selling me on the new Need For Speed.

The last question I had was about the purchasing of vehicles. The last Need For Speed game actually wanted real cash to unlock the cars. He informed me from what he has played of this outstanding game, that there isn’t the use of real cash in the game. Once you win a few races, you then have enough to purchase a brand new vehicle. The cars don’t have much of a variety. Using a lot of classic cars and not a lot of modern cars. Meaning old Toyotas 80’s, Volvo’s 70’s, 1932 Ford, 1990 Ford Mustang, Shelby GT, the list continues on. He added on that this was his second time playing through so the replay value is awesome if you are really into it.

I am beyond excited to hear that the Need For Speed series has made a turn around and has made itself into quite a fantastic game again. And a special thanks to my buddy Ben for giving me the low-down on the game!