Early this week Pokemon released an amazing trailer of new feature inside the game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. So here we are going to go over some of the new things that will be in Pokemon. Remember, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18 or November 23 depending on what part of the world you live in. So let’s get started.

So the first thing we’re going to talk about is the Alola region itself. The Alola region is made up of four large island and one smaller man made island. One of the island is named MeleMele. Which mean star and yellow. Fan have speculated that the 3 remaining islands will be named after the other three colors of the first generation game which is Blue, Green, and Red. Fan also believe this to be so because this is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. I think that would be really cool. Another good point to bring up is we have four trial masters – Water, Grass, Fire and Electric… Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.


Speaking of our four trial masters… Pokemon Sun and Moon do not have Gyms. As far as I understand we have Island Challenges. On each island you will meet a trial captain. Trial captains are trainers like you that went through the trial of their island a few years before you do. They are to provide guidance and help you along your way. We have four captains. Lana is our Water captain. She is very sweet and family-oriented. We have Mallow, our Grass captain. She is a happy-go lucky girl that loves to cook. We have Sophocles, our Electric captain.  He is a whiz with mechanics and an inventor. Last but certainly not lease we have Kiawe . He is our fire captain. He studies Alola region dances past down the generations. He studies these dances with his partner Marowak.


Island Challenges will not be like gym battles. Battling will not be the only thing to do. You could need to go gather items for the Trial captains.  Perform tests of skill and brains or other forms of activities. You will not be able to finish the trial by normal means like gyms of the past. At the end of the trial there will be a battle. You will have to face the Totem Pokemon of the island. You will know it is them because they will be enveloped in a special aura and much bigger then any of the Pokemon of the same type you come cross in the wild. They will also be able to call in support helpers. In doing so they strengthen the already powerful Totem Pokemon. and its aura will increase. You will have to battle wisely. Also summon support it not only something the Totem Pokemon can do. The final trial on the island is fighting the Kahuna that oversees the island. This is referred as the Grand Trial. After you beat the Grand Trail public recognition will be award stating that you finish all of the island trials and that you may move on to the next island. As of the time I am writing this article, we only know of Hala. He is Melemele island’s Kahuna.


Which brings us to important people in the story. First we have Hala. Hala is the Kahuna that oversees Melemele island. Hala was picked to oversee the island by Tapu Koko the Melemele island Pokemon guardian deity. Melemele is also the island your character just moved too. Hala is know through out the Alola islands for his skills. He will also be the one to give you your starter Pokemon. He is also the grandfather of your rival Hau.


Hau has a big heart and a bigger appetite. His favorite food is Malasada which he is always on the search for. The only thing he love as much as Malasada are Pokemon. When you first come to Melemele island he is the first friend you make.


Lillie is another peer you will meet on the island. Lillie loves to read and has many books she has completed. She is Professor Kukui’s lab assistant. She works with Professor Kukui for her own personal reasons. She is a character shrouded in mystery. One thing we do know about her is that she does not like Pokemon battling. Also for reasons unknown she is very important to the plot of the story.


Professor Kukui is the professor of the Alola island. He has his own unique style he likes to sport. He researches Pokemon moves. He has been known to take hits from Pokemon if he feels he can learn something from it. He looks out for you after your arrival to the island since he lives near your home. He is very passionate about his work and also very reliable. Weirdly he is not the one that gives us our starters like in previous Pokemon games.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.27.06 AM

Speaking of Professor Kukui, not everyone is a fan of him. The Boss of Team Skull Guzma has issues Kukui. Guzma is what holds Team Skull together. Guzma is ruthless and when battling will just pour on the attack. Even with all his strength it is said that he could never become a captain of an island.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.26.58 AM

Guzma’s second in command is Plumeria. She is Team Skull’s admin and the big sister of the team. As big sister she keeps all her little brothers and sisters working together and makes sure they follow orders. Also like a big sister, she doesn’t take to kindly to people beating up her little brothers and sisters. If you defeat her siblings she is not going to soon forget it and she will come after you. She is one tough cookie to deal with.


Team Skull grunts like to start all kinds of trouble all over the islands. They love committing evil deeds from messing up trial site to stealing other people’s Pokemon. It doesn’t matter if you meet a male or female member of Team Skull, they both will be sporting a black skull tank top. Making them stand out in the bright colors of the islands. What ever you do, don’t mess up their uniforms. They had to pay out of pocket to sport their team’s uniform.


Last but not least two big features added to the game itself. One is Poke Rides. With the people of Alola sharing such close bonds with the Pokemon of their region they have been able to create a service called Poke Rides. These Pokemon will not join your party but you will be able to summon them anytime. They will help you reach places you couldn’t on you own. Whether you need them for Land, Sky or water travel. Some of the Pokemon we have seen you be able to ride are Sharpedo, Mudsdale, and mother fucking Charziard.


The other big feature is Z-Moves. Z-Moves are a new element to battling that has never been seen before in the other games. To be able to perform a Z-Move you will need to have a Z-ring. Even thought it is called a ring you will wear it as a bracelet. You will also need to find Z-crystals to activate the move. You will need two Z-Crystals one that goes in your Z-ring and one that your Pokemon holds. There are 18 Z-Crystals,  one for every type of Pokemon. On top of having the Z-crystals your Pokemon will need to know a move corresponding to the stone it is holding. So if your Pokemon is holding an Electric Z-Crystal then it needs to know an electric type move to preform a Z-Move. Be careful and wise with your Z-Moves though. They can be used only once per battle. What powers the Z-Moves is your’s and your Pokemon’s wishes resonating with each other. Which fills you both with power.  You both release powerful energy-filled attacks when using the Z-ring. When these attacks are happening a full animation will fill your entire screen. That ladies and gentlemen is everything we know about the game so far

P.S. We have no information so far as to whether or not Pokemon will be able to Mega Evolve in Sun and Moon. I do know that at the time of this article I have yet to see new Mega forms in the new released Pokemon or in any of the trailers.

Information was gathered on http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/