Since PlayStation wanted to push out another God of War game, I figured I would talk about the very first God of War and how much I loved the crap out of that game. First off, this was my first M-rated game that I had purchased for myself. A game that came out that peaked my interest and made me want to buy it as soon as it was released. Plus by the end of it, made me want to play it on it’s hardest difficulty, God Mode.

The abilities that you get to learn as you traverse through the areas are amazing. From an electrical storm, to Zeus’s bolts, to the gaze (can’t think of her name). The blades of Chaos serving as your weapons, growing as you devour and destroy all that lay before you as you try to take revenge as the God of War. Not much to the story other than the Gods tricked Kratos into doing bad, bad things, thus resulting in him taking revenge upon them, but the gameplay definitely drove this game to it’s max, making it one of my few games I played over ten times.

The button sequences and thumbsticks added in a new type of puzzle-play and irritation as you tried to beat bosses during quick-time events. Nothing was held back as these developers gave us gamers something to love and enjoy as blood and orbs were given to us nonstop. I remember even trying to beat the trial of the gods with two of my friends and being stuck on I think six of ten. Ridiculously hard, but the fun you had with this game was extraordinary.

The ending of this game alone is still the most memorable to me as well. After defeating the God of War and falling off the edge of the cliff, just to be summoned to take the place of Aries. As soon as the credits rolled, I hoped there would be a second one to follow this amazing game. The combat and enemies just made this game truly spectacular. If you haven’t had the chance to play this entire series, please do. You won’t regret it.