MatPat from Game Theory recently did a video talking about the outlook on gamers and it’s link to Undertale. It really got me thinking about how we have these issues in our real life and how the world is slowly turning against us as we feed the fire. From his video spawned my idea of the issues that we have internally and how it feeds the fire of the outside worlds.

We are human, we have this innate desire to dislike anything or anyone that is different from us. People who do or don’t believe in this or that automatically seem to separate themselves from one another. It’s nature I’m sure some type of evolutionary trait that we have created to survive. But times have changed the world (though still cold) is not a wasteland of kill or be killed anymore. It is this trait that causes so many issues, race, religion even sexual orientation are all “cause” to hate each other. It’s become the way the world works.

This is true for groups of people as well, it’s exceptionally true for those of us in gaming. We classify our selves more than any other group on the planet. Although we all enjoy games we break down into small sects starting at the top of the pyramid is “Console or PC” this instantly breaks us down. From here it comes down to “Xbox or Playstation”, “Sports or Shooters” the GTA players vs Mario Makers. We have divided ourselves into such small groups internally we ignore the problem that is happening for the group in itself.

Gamers have been labeled as lazy, fat and near sighted for the future or violent aggressive thugs who will shoot anyone who pisses them off. The world is being told not to like gamers as a whole, regardless of what they play or who they are. As gamers we do not help with this issue as we feed off of the hate that we spread to each other. I am guilty of this myself, I feed the trolls and spread the fire through many groups and forums because I loved the feeling of “power” it gave me although in the long run all it did was make me a bad guy to a lot of people.

The media feeds off of this, they use it to say we all hate and spread the word that video games will ruin the next generation. Because through video games we are pulled away from the blight that media is trying to spread on the world. We are shunned for a passion that is no different from the football player or artist. We are tossed aside as lazy and good for nothing.

However, we have the power to change this, we have the ability to make the world see, even against major media, that we are not bad people, that we are not lazy, loners with a passion to kill. We have to start inside though, we have to change the perspective on each other before we can affect the world. I’ve seen two people playing the exact same game on 2 different consoles talk trash to each other instead of bonding over their love of games or that specific game itself. This is the biggest hurdle we have to get passed before we can change the outlook of others.

So lets work together, spread the love of games and no the hatred that we have been. Hold your spite for the games you play, no matter what console you have!


Until next time, Signing Out!