So after all the talk from the guys that I work with or see from Facebook, it’s remake this or did you hear this is getting remade. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classics and would love to play them, but how are you to sell any new game when you announce so many remakes that no one cares about the new titles coming out? Now, I am fascinated by a few new titles. But maybe instead of worrying about the past and trying to make more money off of those games, they need to worry about the new titles and hope they don’t suck or need very many updates to fix bugs or broken sections of the game.

For two whole days a lot of my coworkers talked about the remake of Skyrim and how amazing it will look and the new systems. I never played it, and probably still won’t. Not for lack of the developer’s effort, I just find it hard to do those type of games at times. Another that I was rather excited to hear about was Crash Bandicoot. I’ve loved him from the original PlayStation. Yet again, I do find that redoing his games just don’t justify anything. At times I feel like they are trying to bring back more kid-friendly games to the newer consoles, but why not do what Sega or Nintendo did, and put them on game compilation discs? Five to ten games on a disc or two, and boom, there you have it.

Developers I feel need to rethink about these systems and any newer ones and work on original ideas, or ask the gaming community how they feel about all these reboots. I love the classics to death, I forgot I had Spyro the Dragon, yet I really could care less to see him on the PS4. Give me something new to experience with children that doesn’t have a M-Rating, and I’ll be good.