Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is an open world, sandbox, RPG made by Square Enix. The game is made for the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. The game released in Japan in January 2016 and will be released world-wide on October 11, 2016. A demo is currently available for download on the PlayStation Store. If you per-order a day-one edition you will receive 1. Spring tide Sprinkles Recipe- Transform trees into festive Cherry Blossom Trees and soil into comfortable Straw Floor Blocks

2. Slimy Block Recipe– Craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes.

3. Gold Block Recipe– blocks made of pure gold

The game takes place in Alefgard. Where for many generations the land has been plagued by darkness after the Dragonlord came into power. When the land lost its light, man also lost the power to create, build, and imagine. For many decades the people of this world have just wandered in the ruins of cities and villages that once were, doing what they can to stay alive. Hoping for the day their Goddess would send them the legendary builder that would fix their world and bring the light back. You are that builder picked by the Goddess herself to lead the people of Alefgard back to prosperity. It is your job to rebuild Alefgard, bring creativity back to the people, inspire them to build and create, and bring people together to make functioning towns. Only when you accomplish these tasks will you be able to over throw the Evil Dragonlord.


Features of the game.


You can build for fun. Just like in games be for it (Minecraft and Terraria) there is a creative mode where you can build to your hearts content. Building the world as you see fit.


Build for adventure. As your town fills, people will request you build room of varying uses. From a kitchen, to bedrooms to crafting rooms and everything in between. Once a room is established for a certain function your towns people will start using them as such. So if you have a kitchen your towns people will cook in the kitchen. In doing so they will leave you food in the storage crate.

Building upon your building. Upgrading and decorating them will increase the level of your base. Which is very important for the progression of the game.


Alefgard is made up of many different island. Each island being a different terrains. With each new island you will encounter different monster and different raw materials.


As your town start to fill with people they will come to you for help. They will ask you to complete quest that range from finding materials, fighting monsters, and building structures and everything in between. It is up to you if you want to fulfill they request or not. In complete them thought you can get a verity of rewards. From recipes, materials and items.

Dealing with the world

You will be able to many things once you town starts to come together. Soak in the bath after a long day of adventuring. Plant crops to make thing to bring with you on our adventures. Go hunting and fishing to keep your town thriving. Need to get places faster build vehicles and mine carts.


Monsters are ruled by the Dragonlord. They will leave you alone as long as you don’t come to close. Another thing is they don’t travel alone. They will call on their allies to help them. So make sure you have enough weapons, armor, and food on you to keep yourself alive. Once you encounter enough of them they will alert the Dragonlord of our location which will result in a raid. If you don’t have the armor, weapons, and defenses to protect you town it will fall. Fight monster and you will find items. Some of them be only collected by defeating that kind of monster. These items can be used to craft items or you could get meat for cooking.


Writers review.

I played the demo and I have to say I love the game. It is everything I ever wanted from this kind of game. I really like Minecraft but I can only play for so long because after time it will start to hurt my eyes and give me headaches due to a medical condition. Dragon Quest Builders is clean and crisp and meant for the system it is on. I played for hours with my kids just looking around and it didn’t bother me what so ever. I love the fact that I am not made of square blocks. I know this is not a big thing for a lot of people but I never liked the block look. I love the fact that you are an actual person in the world and that monsters and people are differentiated from the terrain. I feel more connected to the character and involved in the world with the style that they did.

Another feature that I appreciated is when gathering materials if you find a new material that can be used in a recipe the game will inform you of that and show how it can be utilized. I appreciate the balance between free creative mode where if I want to go build a castle I have the ability to do so but I also have quests and a storyline to follow.

Unlike Minecraft where villagers look the same and have no interaction, this game has villagers of vast different personalities, looks and interactions. It makes the game come alive and gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes it feel like what you do in the world matters. Square Enix did an amazing job bringing this game to life. I cannot wait for October 11 when the full game is released.

The only complaints I have from the demo, is unlike Minecraft, is that it’s not multiplayer. Also, when building I wish there was more stability when building at ground level.