Lately I have been finding myself losing faith in the PlayStation 4 community. Not due to bad games mind you, but due to nothing really grabbing my attention to grasp anything except for maybe two to three games. I was finally able to grab one of the games. And I did not look back in disgust for buying it or in the least, regretting it. DOOM 2016 is what I wouldn’t really call a masterpiece… Though it is a game I actually want to play and beat just to replay over and over again.

To start off, this game throws you right into the action. No tutorial, basically just ‘here is a gun, and start shooting to live’. I personally found this amazing. The atmosphere makes you believe the portal to Hell has been opened and you have to stop it. Let me say this, the level designs and the monsters are beyond amazing. The creative ideas for how they look and move around is on a whole new level for me since The Last of Us.

Don’t get me wrong, this game does like to show you how it feels to die several times during certain areas. Either running away from the monster A.I. (which actually cut off my escape route a few times) to a few times of not wanting to grab ledges so you can get health or ammo. The music is superb. It’s metal, and I like metal. When you throw that in a game to where you have amped-up, intense music to remind you that everything has gone south quick and you need to survive, it’s pretty awesome.

The amount of content that is packed into this game is amazing. All the secret areas, the collectible dolls, and don’t forget the original DOOM map per each area. Of course, it goes into detail about all of the monsters, dolls, and little codex information about all the areas as well. A handful of guns, that are kind of bad and good. Two different attachments for each gun, both are usually good, but normally I find one that I use more than the other.

From an outside point of view, the game looks to be a well-rounded repeat button. Certain areas you go into, you fight off monsters and move on to another to do the same. I never stop to notice it or to think about it, but that’s usually because I’m so immersed that I don’t think about it till I actually stop to think about it. If you miss something, and you can’t go back, then you will have to wait till you’re done beating the level just to re-do the entire area again, which can be beyond infuriating.

I recommend this game to all my friends. And if it’s not your cup of tea then I will see you in another party about another game, but if it is, then prepare to die several thousand times before you master it.

Have you played the new DOOM game? And if you have, what are your thoughts on it?

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