Digital Homicide the creator of “games” like The Slaughtering Grounds and Not In My Crapper, started a lawsuit against 100 anonymous Steam users for bad-mouthing their games. While I have to use the term “game” loosely for anything they created. The idea that criticism caused an attempted lawsuit for sure made my blood boil. Apparently it didn’t sit well with Steam either. Valve instantly removed all of the developer’s games from their market and prevented any more of them from being added to the game market giant. Digital Homicide responded with a threat against the media giant as well. However, last week Digital Homicide requested that both filings be dropped and dismissed because they can no longer afford to process the legal battle.

Upon filing this case, per advice of the local sheriff who could not help me or my business with a massive ARS-13-2921 criminal harassment problem on an Internet Store front and via email, The Plaintiffs business was destroyed completely financially disabling The Plaintiff, destroying usability of all current work effort, and untold other damages,” the filing says. They are seeking 1 of 2 options, either a refund of the court filing fee and a full dismissal or a 90-day extension so they can attempt to gain funding to proceed with the lawsuit.

According to James Romine Jr., co-founder of Digital Homicide “[Digital Homicide is] destroyed. It’s been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued,” he said. “I’m going back into the workforce and watching what’s really going on. Not gaming media gossip—the real stories are in the legal documents. Not talking about mine.

I don’t see this ever surfacing again, at this point it is the end of an already dead studio who put out work that no one really wanted to play anyway. Time to move on, Romine brothers, bigger and better futures await you, because you cannot get much lower than where you were.