Bethesda launched their E3 event with a bang. Starting with a dos prompt to “start” Quake Champions. Thats right Quake is back, after 20 years since the original we are looking at a new arena, a new war prepare for the “aftershocks” from this launch.

Bethesda is supporting and creating new events for esports for Quake Champions, time to get moving again.

Fallout is getting its share of upgrades too, Fallout 4 expansions and Fallout Shelter to PC, yes please. I’m excited for that, I’m not much of a mobile gamer but I am I fan of Fallout Shelter so moving it to my PC makes it avail to me and others who may not pick it up on mobile.

Did someone say Skyrim? Many people have over the last years, most of it has been “Skyrim HD please” so here we go, Skyrim Remastered to Consoles and the ability to play mods on console was officially announced by Bethesda.

Arkane studios, the makers of Dishonored and Dishonored 2 we had a new announcement built on the idea of First Person immersion with PREY a psych thriller game that takes place in teh future. Taking place in complete with monsters, repeating days and ofcourse

“As the key subject of an experiement, things have gone wrong. The space station is overrun my aliens and you must fight to survive using your wits, weapons and mind bending abilites” – Raphiel Colantonio

Doom had an announcment about 3 new multiplayer modes that will be playable in the soon future. Additionally, they will be launching a new DLC for multiplayer that will introduce new maps and playmodes to the online compition.

Elder Scrolls Online announced The Dark Brotherhood DLC. Including the Launch trailer which looked amazing. I am looking forward to getting my hands on that DLC. Prepare for a new dark story that folds well into the Black Sacrement. The Dark Mother awaits your work.
Launching for console players this week.

They also launched the One Tamriel addition to the game, which removes all leveling restrictions to zones and playable quests in the area. The launch of this will be sometime this fall 2016. No Downfall all bonus with ESO.

Bethesda VR showed some of their VR skills by allowing people to test their own game modes on Fallout and DOOM. They announced that Fallout 4 will be launched on HTC Vive, in 2017. With that being the case I think its time I picked up Vive for myself and started getting used to that immersion!

Bethesda wrapped it up with their announcment of Dishonored 2 showing off some game play and their story behind the character. We have seen some information about this game but much of it was hidden and given through only small leaks. They showed us the world. This in depth game took everything from Custom tools and a fully built custom engine specifically for this game, the Void Engine.