After six months of uncertainty, I finally went and got this game, Alien: Isolation. Going into it without knowing what will happen or anything about the story, I was completely hooked. If you don’t already know, you are playing as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ripley who is lost in space. So you are literally in a game taking place between Alien and Aliens. From there, you are searching for the flight record of what happened to your mother’s ship.

The amount of detail and texture that went into Alien: Isolation is mind-blowing and just genius. The ship is beyond huge and makes you feel like you are truly helpless and all on your own. Of course there are humans, but they can’t be trusted nor can you really relax as you are walking around trying to find parts for multiple uses or batteries for your flashlight. Plus, the story is one you actually become so engrossed in, that you forget about the Alien.


Saying that, the AI for the Alien is out of this world. It will appear just to disappear and as you feel like it is safe enough to walk free, BOOM, dead. I have never truly been so anxious in long hallways or hiding in lockers more than I have in this game. Talking about the deaths, the saves remind me of classic games from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. They are far and few between in the longer sections, so if you die, you have to restart pretty far back. I love it. It shows me how I have become used to the auto-save features in video games nowadays.

The only true negative thing I have to say about this game is the ending. You backtrack a lot. I get why you have to, but it killed my vibe for playing the end of the game. All in all though, I give this a game a high recommendation if you love surviving in some of the most toughest of areas, especially on normal mode. My next try is hard mode and I will most likely cry after a few hours of playing due to my deaths.