With Microsoft’s press release just around the corner (literally less than 24 hours out) someone dropped some information about the next introduction to the Xbox family.

The Xbox One S, will have a 2TB hard drive and be significantly smaller (40%) than the original Xbox One. It’ll also support 4K video.  Likely to be released just outside of the holiday this year, similar to their other launches. While this is fun and exciting to see the jump to 4k, it’s also feeling kind of like a cash grab to make this jump.

The bigger reason this feels like it’s simply a marketing ploy to get you to buy the next level of Xbox evolution is that Microsoft has already released information that they are working on a more powerful version than this one, slated for release in 2017.

Clearly we will have to wait for E3 for any official news on this and future consoles, we still have been baited with a pretty picture.