Microsoft stepped onto the E3 stage on 6/13 and certainly strutted their stuff. They held nothing back as the slammed us with video after video of amazing content, games and hardware. From the shock of seeing Tekken 7 to the amazing launch of Xbox One S being officially announced to have full compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories with true 4k experience. Also, Xbox has apparently taken our moto of “Unbound Gamer” to heart with their new slogan “Gaming without Boundaries”. Here is a line up of what I am excited for being announced today by Xbox.

Battlefield 1

Forza 3 Horizon

Final Fantasy 15

Minecraft Realms – IOS, Andriod, Windows 10, Windows Phone

Tekken 7

Dead Rising 4 – Frank is Back

Scalebound – buy on Xbox get Windows 10

Sea of Thieves – Xbox Exclusive

Halo Wars 2 – Know your Enemy

While there are other games and items announced throughout the conversation, these are the ones that I found most appealing. With Minecraft Realms being one of my favorite announcements, the ability to play with any other player on any other device sounds amazing! Hopefully they will work fast to bring it to console soon and not just on the mobile devices and Windows 10 it currently is.

With the official shout to Project Scorpio and the Xbox One S, which we were looking forward to with the leak that happened yesterday. We all were looking for some push and grab about this, and we got it. We were hit with specs we were hit with VR on the One S using the Vive. Here we go players we are pushing forward into the future and headed for Full Dive Technology sometime in the future.


This is an initial article – a more revised version will be up soon.