Watch_Dogs 2 has been announced, was of course on the scene to get all the upfront fun with that announcement.

With that being said Ubisoft has released some information to the public about the next level of Watch_Dogs. Taking place in San Francisco The new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, is fighting back against the all know security app ctOS 2.0, an updated version of the surveillance software from the original game.

The game is also taking a new approach to the online gameplay as well. While it still includes the standard PvP aspect from the original game. You can also sign up to work with the other players in co-op missions or just raise hell as you wonder through the open world environment. This will have you skip the cinematic parts of the adventures.

Another big thing as stated on IGN is that the hacking features are seriously improved. With the ability to control and move every car in the game. Control drones and other features that allow you to truly control the environment.

If you haven’t seen the preview yet, hit the first IGN link in the post to see their article and the video associated.