Have you ever just taken a minute to really search through the free stuff that PlayStation Store has to offer? Well, it may take you about five to ten minutes to go through, but the fact that it’s there and kind of forgotten since they revamped how it’s looked at is confusing but holy bananas, there is a lot of free content on there that is missed by a lot, or things that were part of a preorder are now available free, which is beyond irritating but nice to know it’s there.

I remember when Evolve came out and was said to be the biggest game of the year, which truly fell short of all that talk so I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on it. Anyways, the skins that were available for a dollar or two are all now free. The ability to find a cool add-on for a game that adds just a little more story or ability to make your character seem just so much more better than before is awesome, especially when it is free. I even found something for Sword Art Online with so many free treasures, avatars, and items to add to your character, it seemed a little unfair to not share this stuff with all of you reading this now.

What kills me the most is the fact that a lot of the stuff now is skins and just a little add-on that costs so much money when the game first released, to nearly a year later when you can now download it all for free right on the PlayStation Store. Most of the Arkham Knight skins seem completely free and if I was a betting man, I bet the DLC will soon be on there in another year. The amount of irritation to know that gamers are spending their well earned money just to get a few more things out of their already overpriced (and sometimes not worth the price) games to look and find that half of their things they purchased are now free.

I want to applaud PlayStation for doing that, but I would love to see more of the add-on content sooner than later, or know it will be added within a year’s time frame that way we the gamers won’t spend the extra $10 to $20 at that moment when they can get it free later on.