To be honest, I waited for this game to show up at my job a week after it was released in America. Working at Toys R Us at the time, I had the privilege of asking several kids who they were wanting to fight as in the game before playing. One said Zabuza, another said Orochimaru. I wanted to play as Gaara personally. Naruto was sweeping across America at a fast rate (nowhere near as fast as Attack on Titan) and I could not wait till the next manga showed up but this game held me over.

The story goes all the way to the Chunin Exam where it stopped up until the Forest of Death or just a bit past that. Reliving the moments from Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke as Team 7. From learning about the Nine-Tail Fox, to their first mission together against Zabuza, just to return to the exams with hopes of passing. The storyline is very abrupt and just a few hours long, but if you go down to battle mode there is a secret part, well not too sure a secret but a very long pressing-your-patience part of the game. Playing a character ten times versus another character to unlock scrolls. Before I left for the military, I was 75% through all of the characters. One thing I enjoyed a lot about this game that was changed throughout the evolution of this game series, are the specials. Hit the triangle button one to three times to activate a special jutsu, if you had the chakra. I believe Curse Mark Sasuke and Nine-Tails Naruto was achieved by doing the full special. The combat was quick, using jutsu dolls shuriken, paper weights, and what not to escape bad situations or ridiculous combos you can start if you hit it properly.

I also believe there was a gumball machine that gave you items, like music or really awesome pictures. This game was fast and enjoyable. Of course by now there’s so many characters to choose from in the newest Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

Who do you prefer to play as?