I just now beat the stupid wolf and I am annoyed by my own silly mistakes and or moments that I thought I was safe and wasn’t. Playing this game at midnight is ill advised due to the amount of rage that may ensue as you play this game.

There is a character selection and build. I wasn’t expecting that and there are quite a few choices. More than I even think to see. Same with what you can choose to play as. I choose veteran, but each characteristic has unique build of stats to it.
The graphics looks great but the camera angles suck and remind me of Kingdom Hearts. This game looks like it has a lot of amazing potential and I can not wait to play more and get used to the system of buttons and what not.
I personally feel like this game is a birth between H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. The monsters are unique and the setting of this game is just absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait to see what lays before me in this infuriating game of many many deaths.

I finally got past all the shenanigans and what seemed to be the end of the area for me to truly say to myself, how in the poop do you do this? Each death takes you back to the save point, and in doing so, you lose all the experience from what you’ve done in the previous life which totally stinks. Luckily, some of the enemies drop blood vials, letting you use whenever you get attacked by the monsters. One I died by a lot, it was a giant ninja with a huge sickle. I got chopped up seven times before moving on to the whole group of seven plus hunters.

In  this group, you face two or more at a time, where I literally ran away screaming like a girl going ‘nope, nope, nope’. If they hit you, you stagger while the second monster attacks you and if they hit you, blood sprays everywhere. Plus two silly jump scares that made me jump out of the bed and nearly died. They literally hid those two behind a wall and as you walk up, boom, hello. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the big group wasn’t right below me when they did this. Talk about nerve wracking.

You can also find molotov cocktails, which are one hit kills, but you have to go to the inventory to use it and it throws it for you. I do not know if there is another way to use it yet, but if there isn’t, then this way of using it sucks due to the fact you have to wait for the monsters to come into range and then have a short distance to throw it. You also get pebbles, but they are just plain useless for this part. I have already raged too much on this game just from the silly attacks that should not reach but do. I enjoy this game but I really want weapons soon. The hand damage is okay but I want to attack and not immediately flee from danger.