Minecraft is a sandbox game where everything is made out of nothing but blocks (or cubes). You can build and do absolutely whatever you want. There may be no quests, but you can set your own goals in the game. Mojang has made Minecraft for all kinds of devices, but the two main Minecraft editions that most people play today are the PC and Xbox editions.

A lot of people would prefer the PC edition for many reasons. It has a lot more items for people to build with and it also has more mods and more tools and even more weapons to use. It also has a lot more places to explore. There is also more technology and more items that involve electricity, while the Xbox edition has mainly relies on just redstone.

There are also a lot of other people who would prefer the Xbox edition rather than the PC edition. For starters, a lot of people think it’s harder on the PC edition because you have to use the mouse to look around instead of a joystick. It confuses them. They can also be confused with the placing and mining buttons, which is the left and right mouse button. It can confuse them especially since they are used to using controllers.

I have played both Minecraft editions and they are both almost the same and they are both fun to play, but in my opinion, I honestly think that PC edition is a little better than Xbox edtion because it has more items you can use and more mods you can download. It may be a

little difficult at first, but the more you play the game, the more you get used to it, so go get building!